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new 1 Cityhost March Update 2024

Useful and interesting updates from Cityhost — MySQL 8.0 on hosting, bonuses for reviews on Google Maps, improvement of domain forwarding logic on hosting, and others.

new 4 Introducing a New File Manager and GeoIP Module on the Control Panel

We continue to enhance our system, and recently, we've introduced two significant updates — a user-friendly file manager and a GeoIP module on our hosting platform.

Celebrating 18 Years of Progress: Marks a Milestone

On September 1, 2005, we launched the first Cityhost website, marking the beginning of our journey. Today, as we celebrate 18 years, we reflect on the pivotal moments that have shaped our growth.

new 10 Cityhost services are available by subscription

Continuation of all Cityhost services is now possible automatically thanks to subscription. Activate the feature once and your domains, hosting, VDS-VPS or dedicated servers will be paid for a few days before the expiration date.

new 13 December update 2022

Presenting the final update package in 2022: moving customer data abroad, signed an agreement for the right to license Microsoft products, improved workflows for ssh and file manager on hosting.

new 16 Expansion of hosting tariffs and increase in prices for services from August 15

In connection with changes in exchange rates, Cityhost revised the pricing policy for services. But we are not just raising the price, but expanding the tariff packages, thanks to which you will get even more opportunities at the new price.

new 19 Cityhost continues to work - changes in the realities of war

Despite the difficulties, the Cityhost team continues to work. We are talking about the changes we are making in the conditions of war.

new 22 Added the Web SSH tool to the control panel

We have installed a new Web SSH tool in the hosting control panel. Now secure remote connection via SSH — it's just one click away.

We invite you to participate in the 18th online conference on SEO promotion in Western markets

Join the international online conference NaZapad, which will gather thousands of viewers, and 12 experts in promoting products on the global market will talk about innovative methods of their work. 

new 28 Cityhost is modernizing servers

Cityhost modernizes its servers so that the work of client sites becomes even more efficient. We also launched a server in Finland, on which, thanks to the latest technologies, information can be read four times faster

new 31 We launched a hosting server in Finland with NVMe drives

Cityhost launched hosting in Finland on NVMe drives. Customers now have the option to host a site in this country.

new 34 Cityhost is discontinuing archived hosting rates

Cityhost terminates the archival hosting tariffs and transfers customers to current tariffs.

new 37 Delegate the ability to manage services to other users

We know that a lot of work on the development and completion of sites is not done by the owners, but by individual developer specialists.

new 40 The GeoIP module is already available to CityHost hosting users

GeoIP – is the ability to distinguish and process the IP addresses of users who visit your sites.

new 58 Increase in domain prices from 01.10.2017

Administrators of domain zones IN.UA, OD.UA, ODESSA.UA and ODESA.UA increase the cost of paid operations (registration, extension, transfer of domains and withdrawal from RedemptionPeriod).

new 61 Yandex.Metrik service failed

False messages about the unavailability of sites from Yandex.Metryka

Virtual servers in Germany

VDS hosting abroad - there is nothing easier if you order a server from

Prevention of site hacking on our hosting

On servers such as note, accent and knopka, we disabled the cURL library and the url_file_open function in order to protect customer sites from hacking by attackers

Special hosting rates for Lviv

4 new tariff plans have appeared in our line of tariffs, designed for residents of Lviv and entrepreneurs who want to do business in this region. Customers receive a domain in the zone for free.

The 250,000th domain is registered in the domain

The domain is the most popular and sought-after Ukrainian domain. Recently, a jubilee, 250,000th domain was registered in this domain zone.

Software update on the KNOPKA server

As part of the planned hardware and software update on virtual hosting servers, work was carried out on the knopka server, which as of today is running on CentOS 6.0

Launching a new hosting server

Expanding the capabilities of our technical base, we are pleased to announce the launch of a new hosting server.

New hosting tariff plans for Odesa, Kharkiv and Dnipropetrovsk

The marketing department of the hosting provider and domain name registrar CityHost is pleased to announce that new regional hosting tariffs have been developed and launched for users from Odesa, Dnipropetrovsk and Kharkiv.

Additional services for your hosting have been launched

Hosting provider is pleased to inform you about the launch of Additional Services

Launching a new VPS server

We would like to inform you about the launch of a new server for VPS hosting rental service.

We donate 30% of the price

30% discount on all hosting packages when paying for a year.

new 2 February 2024 Update

Over the past few months, we have made many important updates, both technical and systemic. Read about this, as well as about changes in the Ukrainian domain system.

new 5 The Campaign In Support Of The Correct Domain Has Started In Kharkiv

Ukraine continues the derussification of domains, and on November 1, another stage began — a campaign to promote the correct Ukrainian-language domain

new 8 Flash mob: take a photo with the banner on Kontraktova and receive gifts from

Participate in a flash mob from take a photo with a banner in the Kyiv metro on Kontraktova Square and receive gifts. 

new 11 Administrators of Ukrainian domain zones restore pre-war work regulations

Earlier we wrote that domains in most Ukrainian domain zones will not be deleted until the end of the war. However, this spring, the administrators plan to go back to the pre-war regulations and once again sell "frozen" domains. 

new 14 Update Cityhost services

The domain registration has been opened, the rules of the referral program have been updated, new functions have been added  and modules. Read about Cityhost's updates in recent months.

new 17 Initiative to de-Russify Ukrainian domains

If your site still has a domain name with a Russian city name — it's time to switch to Ukrainian transliteration and connect the correct address.

new 20 All Russian users were blocked

Cityhost became the first hosting provider to block all Russian users and limit access to its services for Russian IPs.

Updated the SSL certificates section

We have updated the hosting control panel and now customers can order and install SSL certificates themselves.

new 26 A new service from CityHost is free snapshots

We launched a new free service — creating snapshots. They will allow users of Cityhost virtual servers to take a snapshot of the file system status. This feature acts as a safeguard against global changes and updates to the server.

new 29 Tariff updates and additional services for server clients

Cityhost offers updated rates for VPS and new services for server tenants — additional IP addresses, including using IPv6 technology, monitoring and administration.

new 32 Increasing the cost of hosting and renting virtual servers

Cityhost is forced to raise prices for hosting and renting virtual servers. The cost will be increased by an average of 10-12%.

new 35 Cityhost has implemented a bot protection system.

A new bot protection system has been introduced to reduce the load on Cityhost servers

new 38 We introduced the continuation of services without authorization in the control panel

Now, to continue hosting, domain, virtual or dedicated server, it is not necessary to log in to the service control panel.

new 41 We introduced the ability to temporarily increase hosting resources

Each of the hosting tariffs that are available for ordering in our company has its own limitations.

Development of the hardware part of our servers

Expanded backup storage and upgraded hardware on one of the shared hosting servers

Hosting in Germany from CityHost

New virtual hosting service on servers located in Germany. Reasonable prices and European quality!

Revenues for server makers have fallen as demand falls

Experts estimate that the server market worldwide has decreased by 4% in monetary terms, and they attribute this trend to the recent surge in the market in 2010-2011.

Addition to the line of hosting tariffs

2-star and 3-star virtual hosting rates are available to order again.

Updates on web hosting servers

The virtual hosting servers are systematically updated with software. More modern versions of the OS are installed. If necessary, the hardware part of the server is also updated.

New Year holidays at

Hosting provider and official registrar of domain names wishes you a happy New Year and Christmas! The operating mode of our company during the New Year holidays is available in the full news.

Special rates for hosting in Dnipropetrovsk

We are glad to announce that we have opened a new branch in Dnipropetrovsk and our technicians are ready to provide technical advice to our customers around the clock.

New hosting rates

Hosting provider has launched new hosting tariff plans. Every day we study the hosting market, we study what the Clients need.

A new hosting server has been launched

Launched additional server for new and existing hosting customers.

Replacement of admin panel addresses and IP addresses

We draw your attention to replacing the login addresses in the ISPManager hosting control panel and changing the IP addresses of virtual hosting servers.

new 3 We are raising prices for some services and continuing the promotion for domains at 99 hryvnias

At the beginning of the year, Cityhost is implementing a price increase for hosting and certain domains in the UA zone, while extending promotional prices at 99 hryvnias for correctly transliterated Ukrainian-language domains.

new 6 Domain Name Renewal Deadline Approaching: Act Before November 1, 2023

Expired domains from February 24, 2022, onward will soon be up for grabs. Registrars are returning to their normal procedures after a pause during the hostilities.

new 9 June 2023 update

We present another update of the control panel, which includes a whole package of new useful functions.

new 12 March update 2023

We have implemented many useful system and technical updates, such as integrating FAQ search instructions into the control panel, issuing e-certificates for domains and launching new servers in the Netherlands.

new 15 Cityhost update continues to develop — we modernize the equipment and update the software part, improve the interface and promote the business to the west.

new 18 Updating the panel and changes in working with services

We continue to improve the service and the navigation bar. And from now on we also offer free hosting and domain to budget institutions.

new 21 We have developed and are implementing an action plan in the event of an invasion

Cityhost is operating normally and is taking measures to protect sites and other customer information in the event of a full-scale intrusion 

Cityhost launched free hosting

Find out what benefits Cityhost offers to customers and how to get hosting for free.

The latest updates to Google's search algorithms

This summer saw five major updates to Google's search algorithms. What advice does the company give to site owners to maintain positions in the issue — read in the article.

new 30 Cityhost has launched a Telegram bot for notifications

Cityhost has launched a Telegram bot that will help customers pay for services on time and easily, find out account status, contact technical support and perform other important operations.

new 33 Digital Marketing Trends 2021 online conference

Cityhost will act as a partner of the III annual online conference Digital Marketing Trends 2021. The conference will be held online on January 28 from 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

new 36 Order Cityhost services - win headphones!

Order Cityhost services – win Tronsmart Onyx Ace wireless headphones

new 60 Increase in prices for domains from 01.05.2016

Administrators of some Ukrainian domains increase the cost of paid operations (registration, extension, transfer of domains and withdrawal from RedemptionPeriod).

The Bundestag passed a new law on copyright on the Internet

German sites now have to pay for hosting someone else's content, even with a link to the author. This will not apply to search engines.

New research in the field of combating DDoS attacks

VeriSign's report provides advice to webmasters and owners of Internet services to combat DDoS (distributed denial of service) attacks.

A new hosting server has been launched

The new server for virtual hosting is put into operation! Called Jazz, running on CentOS 6, ISPManager control panel.

Updating of hosting tariff plans

From 14.05.2012, new tariffs for virtual hosting from our company were introduced.

Additional payment method through 24 Non-Stop terminals

Now it has become much more convenient for our customers to pay for services - there is no need to go to the bank with a printed receipt, it is enough to remember your service code, and you can make the payment at any terminal of the 24 Non-Stop network.

Special hosting rates — domain in the zone as a gift

We introduce virtual hosting tariffs for Kyiv residents and owners of sites designed for the Kyiv audience. When paying the Kyiv-1, Kyiv-2 Kyiv-3 tariff for a year, you get a domain name in the zone absolutely free.

Calling us has become easier!

The hosting provider is pleased to inform you about the addition of new numbers of mobile technical support operators.

A new way of paying for hosting and domains through OSMP, IBox terminals

From February 17, 2011, a new method of paying for hosting services and registering domains using the account top-up terminals of the OSMP system, Ibox, was added.

Transfer of the start date of registration of IDN domains

Registration of domains with symbols of national alphabets was supposed to start from July 22. The discussion of registration issues led to the decision to postpone the start of the delegation of such domains.

Changing IP addresses and admin panel addresses

We draw your attention to the replacement of the url of the hosting administrative panel and the IP addresses of the servers on which the sites are located.

Gift upon registration

Each new user registered between January 17, 2009 and January 31, 2009 automatically receives UAH 10 as a gift.