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Change of domain owner in WHOIS and updated section "Questions-Answers"

Dear clients of the hosting provider and official Ukrainian registrar of domain names!

Today we have two pieces of news about recent work done by our specialists. As you already know, at the moment we are seriously engaged in finalizing our own service management panel . Earlier we wrote that its purpose is to increase the ease of use of our services, their almost complete automation, as well as to increase the speed of work with your projects on our hosting. Since the current service control panel is quite different from the old one (which was actually just a billing panel), we have completely updated our FAQ section, adding content and updating outdated information. We also added the ability to search this section to simplify and speed up your work with it.

In the same service management panel for domains registered under the project, it became possible to change the domain owner (information in whois) for all domain names, excluding domains in the RU, SU zones (this is due to the specifics of the change procedure data in the domain name). Now our customers do not need to contact the technical support service and wait for the processing of the request to change data in whois - you can do it yourself from your control panel.