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Trademark registration

Trademark - registered in accordance with the established procedure, the company designation of a company or an individual.

Registration of TM will protect you from misuse of the mark, unfair competition, give you exclusive rights and allow you to register a domain name in the UA zone.

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Registering a trademark will allow you to obtain not only legal protection of your designation, but also to register one of the most popular and prestigious domain names - ua. Most often, a company's logo, its name, or their combination is registered as a trademark.

Based on this, several types of TM are distinguished:

  • Verbal
  • Figurative
  • Combined.

There are other types of trademarks that are less common. For example, a color or even a smell can be registered as a trademark.

You can register a trademark in Ukraine by submitting documents to the Ukrainian Institute of Intellectual Property or by contacting specialists - patent attorneys. Self-registration of TM threatens to waste time on studying all the subtleties of the issue, and refusal of registration.

Trademark verification increases the chances of registration

Each trademark must be unique in its class. A patent attorney can conduct a professional TM search even at the application stage and identify similar designations. Thanks to such a search, it will be possible to make changes to the sign or completely refuse to register a specific designation and develop a new brand. Searching the database of registered trademarks is a prerequisite for successful registration.

Classes for trademark registration

Each trademark (trademark) is registered in a certain class. In total, today there are 45 classes for goods and services. Each of them has its own list. The protection of the designation will apply only to the selected goods or services from the list. A mark can be registered for one or more classes. The number of MKTP (International Classification of Goods and Services) classes should be determined at the time of application submission, because there is no possibility to make changes to the registered trademark. If in the process of using the mark, you need to expand the range of goods or services, it will be necessary to submit a new application with the necessary classes.

Terms of trademark registration

There are only one procedures for trademark registration in Ukraine:

  1. Standard.

As the name implies, the only difference between them is the speed of registration. The standard procedure takes approximately 22-24 months. During this time, competent services must conduct a number of procedures and examinations, the final stage of which will be the issuance of a certificate for a sign for goods and services (trade mark).

How much does it cost to register a trademark?

The cost of trademark registration depends on a number of important factors:

  • type of trademark;
  • registration period;
  • number of classes;
  • number of applicants;
  • type of applicant and nationality.

Speaking about the type of trademark, we mean its type: verbal, pictorial or combined. In addition, whether the sign will be colored or black and white also affects the cost. The first will cost a little more.

Its cost depends on how quickly you need a trademark. One of the main price factors is the number of classes. An additional state duty is charged for each separate class, which means that the more classes, the more expensive the trademark. The designation can be registered for one or more owners. You can divide the trademark among the business owners, for example, or among the shareholders. The more applicants, the more expensive the registration. And the last point is the citizenship of the applicants or the country of registration of the applicant's company. For foreigners or foreign companies, the cost of trademark registration differs significantly.

Hosting provider and domain name registrar Cityhost works only with reliable patent attorneys who are officially accredited and have the right to engage in this activity. This is especially important when registering a brand for the UA domain. To get the right name, it is important to register the right TM. According to the rules of the domain zone, the name must fully correspond to the registered designation. Our specialists will gladly advise on all aspects and rules of registration.