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CityDomain customers will start using the CityHost control panel


Today, CityHost supports the possibility of ordering services both on its website and on the resource, which has existed since the company was founded. Both sites have their own control panels with different web addresses. Many of our customers have two hosting accounts on different sites and have to manage their services using different panel logins.

In September 2019, we plan to merge the control panels. CityDomain customers will use the CityHost panel.

What's new waiting for CityDomain customers
Conceptually, the cityhost control panel does not differ from the citydomain panel, you will not notice the difference in the interface.

Everything you need to know about the transition:
- Login to the panel after migration will be done at the address:
- Customers will have access to the new and improved Hosting 2.0 platform.
- Customers do not need to do anything on their own during this transition.

The cityhost panel is constantly evolving and in it you will have new opportunities to optimize processes and improve work in the control panel itself, in the provision of the client API and much more.

More about Hosting 2.0.

Also, transferring the account will speed up the development process, as you will not have to support two autonomous services (if you have them).

Billing and referral registration may not be available in the control panel at the time of migration. We recommend that CityDomain customers pay for services in advance.

We will additionally notify CityDomain clients by email about the exact date of the migration of the control panel.