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Topping up the account balance using the monobank mobile application


Now it is possible to top up your balance in CityHost using a card from monobank . What is important - no commission.

When you receive a message from us about the expiration of the hosting or domain , as well as if you are our reseller and deposit funds to the balance of one amount for all your customers - it is not necessary to do this through a personal account.

How to replenish the balance through the monobank application?

1. In the Other payments section, select Payment in Ukraine and enter cityhost or ciyhost.

2. Enter your CityHost customer ID and top-up amount.

ID is your unique 6-digit identification number. You can find it in your control panel and save it on a convenient service for storing data, logins and passwords. There are many of them now, including free ones.

Next time you can find your payment in your payment history and repeat it. In this case, you enter only the top-up amount, you do not need to re-enter the ID.

Why is it convenient to pay through monobank ?

- you save time,

- you don't pay a commission - not many payment systems offer this now,

- well, you just use a pleasant and convenient interface.

By the way, you can automate the payment for renewing your domain - just check the "auto-renew" icon opposite the domain you want. If there are funds on the balance, the domain will be extended, about which we will send a message by SMS. In this case, you don't need to worry that your site will stop working if you overlooked this event behind a bunch of daily tasks.