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Transfer of the start date of registration of IDN domains

Registration of Cyrillic domains is delayed. This decision was made at a meeting between the administrator of the .UA zone of Hostmeister LLC and domain name registrars. Pre-registration of IDN domains will begin by October 1.

We remind you that according to the announcements, the registration of domains with symbols of national alphabets was supposed to start from July 22. The discussion of registration issues led to the decision to postpone the start of the delegation of such domains. There are several reasons: firstly, the domain registration procedure that will reduce the likelihood of cybersquatting has not been fully developed. The priority of delegation of Cyrillic domains was also discussed. The registrars offered several options for prioritizing domain registration. It was proposed to give priority during registration to those who have already registered similar domains in Latin.

The decision remains with the company "Hostmeister", which will deal with the development of additional agreements regulating the registration of Cyrillic domains.