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Celebrating 18 Years of Progress: Marks a Milestone

Back on September 1, 2005, the inaugural website appeared under the domain, initiating the sale of hosting services and Ukrainian domain registrations. This day holds the distinction of being our company's birthday. now celebrates 18 years of stable work and continuous advancement. Throughout these years, our team has strived to enhance our services and expand our offerings to better serve our customers.

In our early years, our servers exclusively operated from Ukraine, housed in the first Ukrainian data center, ColoCall. Today, Cityhost stands strong as one of the top five hosting providers in Ukraine, as recognized by independent ratings. With a clientele exceeding 50,000, we facilitate registrations for both Ukrainian and international domains across more than 300 domain zones. Our servers are stationed across four countries: Ukraine, Germany, the Netherlands, and Finland. is rooted in a pro-Ukrainian stance. When faced with a full-scale invasion, we swiftly took action, becoming the first to restrict access for Russian users, and encouraging other providers to follow suit. We are the founder of the movement for the de-Russification of Ukrainian domain zones, the first and so far the only registrar that has stopped registering Russian-language domains in Ukrainian zones.

Our proprietary control panel is a testament to our commitment to innovation. This tool allows us to seamlessly introduce new features, prioritizing user-friendliness based on valuable customer feedback.

Throughout the years, we have introduced numerous user-friendly features, including:

  1. Web SSH tool integration, accompanied by an informative article detailing its usage.
  2. Transition to electronic document management, along with an article showcasing modern document creation and signing tools.
  3. IPv6 implementation, representing the contemporary IP protocol version.
  4. Addition of new payment methods, offering Monobank, PrivatBank, LiqPay, and receipt options.
  5. Service subscriptions, empowering customers to automate payments for worry-free domain, hosting, and server management.
  6. Integration of an FAQ section within the control panel, ensuring customers can find answers seamlessly within their account workspace.

These updates are merely a glimpse into our ongoing efforts. Countless system refinements have been implemented to enhance user interaction with our services. If we were to chronicle our journey from the very beginning, it would indeed fill the pages of a book.

Our blog remains an active platform where readers can access articles spanning our services, SEO strategies, site security, marketing, self-development, and the history of IT technologies.

Anticipating the future, we're dedicated to expanding our technical infrastructure, launching novel services, broadening server placements globally, and perpetuating the enhancement of service quality and ease of management.

To our steadfast supporters, we extend our heartfelt gratitude for your continued partnership. Thank you for being with us!