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Updated the SSL certificates section

The presence of an SSL certificate on the site is of great importance. And not only for web resources that conduct financial transactions. In 2020, Google announced that the presence of a security certificate will be taken into account when ranking. So, now all sites need an SSL certificate not only for user trust, but also for SEO promotion.

What is an SSL certificate? This is a secure data encryption protocol, thanks to which attackers cannot intercept personal information entered on the site - account logins and passwords, payment data, and more.

Cityhost provides customers with wide opportunities for working with certificates: paid and free, purchased from other providers or registered with us for use on third-party hosting.

In October, we carried out work on the modernization of the hosting control panel. Now the most relevant procedures are performed automatically. These updates make creating and downloading certificates much faster and easier.

What updates have occurred in the SSL certificate section?

A paid SSL certificate can now be ordered automatically. To do this, you only need to choose a certificate, submit an application, undergo verification — and after a few hours the certificate is available for work.

You can install it on your site or download it for use from another provider with just one button.

The order process is described in more detail in the instructions .

Also, from now on, clients can independently install an SSL certificate purchased from another provider. This is done very simply - you just need to enter the certificate and its key in the specified fields and click the "Install" button. You can read more about installation here.