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We have developed and are implementing an action plan in the event of an invasion


All of Ukraine is discussing the probability of the invasion of the Russian army on our territory in the coming days. One of the important questions that concerns every Ukrainian is how to maximally secure and protect their property assets? The sites that our clients host are also assets, and they have a completely physical embodiment. Data is stored on servers located in data centers, and in the event of a power outage or destruction of the premises itself, this information may be unavailable or even completely lost. Therefore, we have drawn up an action plan in case of an emergency.

1. We reorganized backup and provide an additional 50 gigabytes abroad for owners of virtual and dedicated servers. Free file backup is available to all Cityhost hosting customers. Given the current situation, we have started to additionally store backups on servers located outside of Ukraine. During the escalation of the conflict, we also decided to provide additional space for users of physical and virtual servers of 50 Gigabytes on servers in Germany and Finland. The service is free.

2. Ready to transfer all sites to data centers located in other countries. More than 30,000 sites are hosted on our Ukrainian servers. We have made preparations to move all web resources to overseas servers within a short period of time if necessary.

3. We work as usual. Due to the pandemic, many of our employees are working remotely, so they already have the experience of performing their duties from any point on the map where there is an Internet connection. In addition, we discussed the roles and scenarios we would follow if an invasion were to begin.

4. Our partners also conduct training. We asked the Ukrainian data centers where our servers are located: what measures are they taking to minimize potential damage. They are actively preparing — conducting system testing and personnel training, reserving additional communication lines and stocking up on fuel for generators.

We sincerely hope that the measures taken will not be useful to us, and the situation will be resolved without a single shot being fired. However, under any circumstances, employees work as usual, continue to perform their duties and make efforts to keep customer data safe.