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Updating the panel and changes in working with services



The Cityhost team continues to work and carry out updates that will make the use of our services even more comfortable, bring the Victory of Ukraine closer, and also help save domains and information on hosting accounts from being lost.

From now on, the hosting account is stored for up to 130 days

We've added the option to restore your account backup free of charge within 35 days after deletion (up to 130 days from the end of payment).

The backup copy of the hosting account is kept for 95 days after the payment period ends. During this period, customers can automatically restore data and continue working. Now, understanding the challenges of today, we have added another 35 days during which customers can contact support for data recovery from our service copies. An offer to recover data will be displayed in the control panel for those accounts for which recovery is possible. Thus, the data will be stored on the company's servers for up to 130 days from the moment of payment.

Domains will be waiting for their owners

Domain names in most UA zones will not be deleted after the payment deadline until the end of martial law.

In public domains served by the registry of the company "Hostmeister" (see the link for a complete list of domain zones), the redemption period has been extended until the end of the martial law regime. If the domain name registration period has expired after 02/24/2022 and you have not been able to make the payment, the domain will not be removed from the registry, it can be renewed at the usual price until the end of martial law. It should be understood that the domain will not work during the unpaid period.

Hosting and domains are free for budget institutions

We canceled the payment for hosting and domains for public budget institutions.

From now on, all budget institutions — state authorities, district and city administrations, schools, higher education institutions and other budget institutions — can get hosting on the Apartment tariff and a domain for free. To receive free services, you need to contact technical support with a letter. The procedure is described at this link . This is an additional contribution of Cityhost to our Victory.

Improved navigation in the service control panel

Added several convenient functions to the control panel:

  • search by services,
  • sorting services.

Now users will be able to search for the required service among domains, hostings and servers, as well as sort services by various indicators: expiration date, alphabet, activity, etc.

Switched to electronic document management

Considering the complexity of delivery and the general global trends towards digitalization of work processes, we switched to electronic document flow with clients. Thanks to it, you can receive, agree and sign contracts and other documents without leaving your office. It will take just a few minutes.

To use the service, you need to register on the electronic document management service and obtain an electronic qualified signature (or use an existing one).

You can receive documents using three systems - " On time ", " Paperless " or " Medoc ".

We go to meet our customers, taking into account their problems and needs during this difficult time. We hope that soon we will all work together again in a peaceful and united country, celebrating the defeat of our enemies.