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Rental of VPS/VDS virtual servers


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298.35 / month. if paid for the year

  • 35 Gb on SSD
  • 2 cores CPU
  • 2 Gb RAM
  • 1 dedicated IP

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497.25 / month. if paid for the year

  • 75 Gb on SSD
  • 3 cores CPU
  • 4 Gb RAM
  • 1 dedicated IP

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663.26 / month. if paid for the year

  • 100 Gb on SSD
  • 4 cores CPU
  • 6 Gb RAM
  • 1 dedicated IP

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961.61 / month. if paid for the year

  • 160 Gb on SSD
  • 6 cores CPU
  • 8 Gb RAM
  • 1 dedicated IP

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A virtual server is an excellent solution for large Internet projects that are limited in the standard resources of virtual hosting

The advantage of VDS is the ability to install any specific software and additional services that are not provided on regular hosting.

With VDS you get complete autonomy. Install any available OS - Ubuntu, CentOS, Fedora, Debian, Elastix, any programs, packages, libraries and configure them as you need.

All rates include:

  • Full root access
  • Port speed 100 MB\sec
  • Unlimited traffic
  • Unlimited number of mailboxes
  • Unlimited number of domains
  • Interface for managing DNS records

Operating systems available:

VDS control panels

FASTPANEL is a convenient, functional and modern control panel that is suitable for both beginners and experienced administrators, as it offers quite extensive opportunities for customizing and configuring the web server directly in the web shell without the need to use the server console. The control panel offers features that are mostly absent in other control panels, such as the installation of additional php extensions and modules or flexible customization of web environment parameters. We recommend choosing this panel if you do not have specific preferences.

Hestia CP is a free control panel developed on the basis of Vesta CP. It is its younger version and in many respects similar in terms of interface and functionality. An undoubted advantage over the previous distribution is the presence of a file manager and the ability to manage PHP versions. Another important point is that Hestia CP is supported by the development community, while updates for Vesta CP are no longer released. When choosing one of these panels, administrators are mostly guided by compatibility with the operating system installed on the server.

The control panel is installed on a virtual server and is completely free to use. It has a concise and logical interface that allows you to manage the server without making unnecessary movements. The basic configuration already includes the ability to create mail servers and DNS, manage PHP versions, work with databases through MySQL, schedule automatic tasks using Cron, and perform backups. APACHE+NGINX web servers, load monitoring and many other functions are available to clients for comfortable work.

VDS garant

50 GB for backup

For all virtual server customers, we provide an additional 50 GB of disk space on a separate server for backup. This allows you to optimally use the space on your server and not worry about the fact that software updates or changing settings may affect backups.

vds root

Full ROOT access to VPS

You get full root access to the ordered VDS server without restrictions, which means complete freedom of action on your virtual server. Root access remains with CityHost only if you have ordered full technical support for your VPS server.

vds speed

100% SSD drives

We use professional equipment on clean SSD drives. Data transfer speed is 4-5 times higher than HDD, and 2-3 times higher than SAS drives with SSD caching. This allows us to achieve high speed of our clients' projects on VPS.

vds tp

Full automation in VDS management

We made sure that managing the server was as simple and convenient as possible. Configuring the firewall, reinstalling the OS, rebooting and disconnecting, changing the tariff - all this is available in our control panel.

Additional services to VPS:

  • If necessary, you can order paid VDS \ VPS administration to solve one-time and emergency tasks. The cost of hourly administration is UAH 560. per hour. The minimum amount of payment is UAH 280. in 30 minutes.
  • Service of advanced administration of VDS \ VPS server Managed server - UAH 800. / month
  • Issuance of SSL certificate .


If you plan to create projects on the .NET Framework platform, use 1C software solutions or deploy the Microsoft SQL Server system for database administration - a virtual server with Windows OS is ideal for you. Use the familiar interface and enjoy the performance and high-speed SSD drives of our virtual servers. When installing this OS, we offer VDS servers with KVM virtualization, which guarantees fixed resources on the server. VDS rental in KVM-2, KVM-3 and KVM-4 tariffs is suitable for using Windows OS.

The operating system from Microsoft, according to the SPLA license agreement, can be installed for two cores and for two administrators. Additional user accounts can be obtained with a Remote Desktop Services license.

10 reasons why customers buy VPS at CITYHOST

  1. Built-in virtual Cron task scheduler. It is available in the control panel and allows you to automate a large part of the processes on your resource. One of the processes that is automated in the first place is adding and updating products in the online store from a CSV file.
  2. Convenient control panel. It was developed by our specialists not just from scratch. When designing it, the priority task was to make an easy-to-learn, understandable and convenient final product to help our customers get used to the system and make work as productive as possible. Yes, even a person who has encountered administration for the first time can handle VDS settings using the control panel.
  3. The possibility of renting a virtual server in two countries - Ukraine and Germany, while the price for both options is the same. Renting such a server is inexpensive, and depending on the location of the target audience, it makes sense to choose one or another option.
  4. Reliability. Branded server hardware from Intel, Supermicro, Dell, HP, and CISCO cannot perform poorly, especially if it is serviced by experienced professionals.
  5. Customer support. If you have encountered administration for the first time and are not sure that you can handle it yourself, just tell us about it - the basic configuration and installation is free of charge.
  6. SSD drives. They are used to store files. They are almost twice as fast as HDD and SATA. Their resistance to mechanical loads and to electromagnetic fields is also an order of magnitude higher, which makes SSD disks an additional guarantee of uninterrupted operation of your resource.
  7. More space for backups. Whatever changes are made to the site, they will not affect the functionality. Customers who rent a VPS server from Cityhost get an additional 50 GB of space on a separate server. This means that the site can be rolled back to any selected checkpoint even if something goes wrong.
  8. Notification system. Your site will not go down just because the payment terms are overdue - we will notify you in advance by sending a message not only to e-mail. But also by sending good old SMS-messages.
  9. Democratic prices. CityHost confidently leads in terms of the ratio of the price of renting a VPS server and the quality of the services provided. The user-designed control panel, notifications, scheduler and other functions make the life of administrators much easier. You can test any VDS tariff on Linux for 5 days and see for yourself.
  10. The client controls everything. Yes, our tariff plans include root access from the very beginning. Simply put, this means that from the very first minute of work in the system, you will have full control over the server. The only case when CityHost reserves root access is if the client orders a full package of technical support and administration services.

Why rent a VPS server?

Most often, renting a VPS server is necessary for hosting resource-intensive and demanding sites. Internet projects that do not have enough virtual hosting are transferred to VPS. Virtual server resources allow you to easily deploy even loaded sites. In addition, VPS servers are used to host specific software. For example, by renting the Air Force on Windows, you can host accounting programs.

What is the price of renting a VPS

The cost of renting a VDS server depends on the chosen configuration. The price is affected by: the amount of disk space, cores, and server RAM. You can familiarize yourself with all the proposed tariffs on our website.

In which country are the VDS servers located

Cityhost offers VDS servers for rent, which are located in two countries: Ukraine and Germany. All equipment is installed in specialized data centers, Tier 3 and higher. When placing an order, the client can choose the country of placement at his discretion. The price for both countries is the same.

Is it possible to test the VDS server?

Yes, in our company, clients can use a test period of server rental for a period of 5 days. The cost of the test period is 99.00 hryvnias for Linux VPS and 149.00 hryvnias for Windows VPS.

What operating system is installed on the Air Force servers

You can rent a server on Linux or Windows systems. When placing an order for Linux VDS, the client will have the option of choosing an operating system. These can be: CentOS, Fedora, Ubuntu, Debian.