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Launching a new VPS server

We would like to inform you about the launch of a new VPS server . We took into account all the nuances of the previous servers and tried to make an even more reliable and professional system. All new VPS customers are given test access to check functionality. Customers of the hosting provider have the opportunity not only to order test access to the virtual server, but also to receive a 10% discount for the first 6 months of service.

In parallel with the launch of a new VPS server, we are developing a server rental service. Already today, we can offer our customers to rent an Intel Atom server/RAM 1 Gb, HDD 500 Gb for only UAH 599 per month. The rented server, like all the company's servers, will be located in a specialized rack with cooling and a fire extinguishing system. All outgoing traffic from the server is unlimited. Incoming international traffic is limited to a bandwidth of 1 Mbit/s.

In the near future we plan to provide a diverse list of servers for rent, but today you can order a server of any configuration and we will install it for you.

Join the new services of the hosting provider "CityHost".