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Updated rates for virtual hosting with unlimited sites


From June 27, 2019, updated virtual hosting tariffs are in effect!

What's new in them?

The Room starter package received 2 times more space on the SSD disk - 1 GB, and an unlimited number of mailboxes.

All other tariffs now have UNLIMITED SITES .

There is now enough space on the SSD disk! Choose - 1, 5, 15, 30 and as much as 50 GB!

The tariffs of 2018, which were valid until June 27, 2019, remain unchanged and our customers can continue to use them (unless, of course, they want a lot of SSDs and sites, and do not switch to new tariffs).

Now we are preparing for you packages with an unlimited amount of space on the SSD disk ...

PS Thank you to our customers who did not remain aloof from the raised topic of tariffs and voted in our Telegram poll! ????

If anything, here it is our Telegram channel ???? https: //