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Updates on web hosting servers

Following the software update and implementation of SSD-cash technology on the accent server, we plan to carry out technical work on the knopka server. The FreeBSD operating system currently installed on it will be replaced by CentOS 6.0. This version of CentOS was released in July 2011 and will be supported by developers until and including 2018. Updating the software is necessary to maintain the optimal level of security of the hosting server, that is, the data of our customers is reliably protected. In addition, new versions of the OS support modern hardware, which allows us to provide our customers with even better service — in particular, to use SSD-disks and 6-core processors.

We warn clients in advance about planned work on the server and carry out updates at night, when site traffic is minimal. When moving to a new OS, the passwords for accessing the hosting control panel (and therefore also for FTP) change. To recover passwords, you need to follow a few simple steps in the "For customers" section of our website.