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We introduced the ability to temporarily increase hosting resources


Each of the hosting tariffs that are available for ordering in our company has its own limitations. This is necessary for the general correct operation of the server on which the accounts are placed. There are restrictions on disk space, the amount of processor time, PHP memory_limit, load, and so on.

Due to the clear allocation of resources, all neighboring clients perform equally well. Everyone has their own separate resource and it is completely owned by a specific user.

At the same time, there are cases when the site or account as a whole temporarily needs more resources than provided by the tariff. This can happen when using third-party software, importing/exporting databases, or periodically running some heavy-duty script. What happens at such a moment? The site stops working because the system considers such actions as exceeding the given limits. But what to do when over-the-limit resources are needed only once a month? Do not buy a higher tariff to scan the site or download the database...

Now this issue is resolved - we have introduced the ability to temporarily increase hosting resources!

The "booster 3000" button has appeared in the control panel for Hosting 2.0, which temporarily increases the resources of your hosting by 2 times. The period for which the increase will be effective is 4 hours from the moment of connection.

How it works:

  1. Go to the control panel of,
  2. Go to the "management" section,
  3. Press "booster 3000",
  4. Press "enable".

Immediately after activation, the resources of your account will be automatically increased by the system. You can use this feature once a day. This should be enough to process a heavy script or other resource-intensive task.

If your site requires more resources all the time, we recommend choosing a larger tariff plan. The full list of tariffs can be found on the main page of the site: CityHost .