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Trends in the market of data centers

According to the International Data Corporation, there are fewer and fewer data centers in the US, although the infrastructure of the IT market is developing with positive growth. Experts explain this with the increasing role of virtualization and cloud hosting — small rooms for hosting servers are losing relevance.

The total number of data centers in the US decreased for the first time in 2009, the difference was 0.7%. According to forecasts, by 2016 there will be 100,000 fewer data centers in the United States than now, largely due to the development of cloud technologies. On the other hand, the size of the existing IT sites will increase to more than 65 square meters. km by 2016.

Unfortunately, we did not find a similar study in Ukraine, but the fact of the construction of a large data center "Parkovy" confirms the above-described trends. According to information available on the Internet, this object is located under the helipad on Parkova Road in Kyiv, its area will be 2,715 square meters. m, and the capacity is 4 MW. This is more than any other data center in Ukraine at the moment. The site's level of reliability is TIER III, but an article on the portal cites the opinions of experts who doubt that such a level of reliability can be achieved on the slopes of the Dnipro and in the immediate vicinity of the helipad.