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Cityhost continues to work - changes in the realities of war


The 27th day of Russia's vile invasion of Ukraine continues, the world around us is changing rapidly. Despite all the upheavals, the Cityhost team continues to work, provide services to customers and make efforts to protect the information of our users.

Until the last day, we hoped that the invasion would not begin, but we nevertheless prepared in advance and began to implement an action plan to protect the sites and information of our customers in the event of the worst development. We continue to work according to this plan and do everything to ensure the stable operation of the sites and bring victory closer.

Every customer can help ZSU

The "Army Help" button has appeared in the account control panel. By clicking on it, you can follow the link to the page of the National Bank of Ukraine and support our defenders.

We give you a margin of time so that you have time to continue the services

From now until victory, hosting in Ukraine and Germany, VDS in Ukraine and Germany, and dedicated servers in Ukraine will be blocked for 14 days after the end of the payment period (previously it was from 1 to 6 days depending on the service). This will help customers pay for services on time and avoid blocking.

Unfortunately, this option is not available for dedicated servers in Germany, so rent must be paid on time.

The blocking period has also been extended for domain names . Domains in most Ukrainian zones served by Hostmeister will be blocked, as usual, on the day the payment deadline ends. But at the same time, they will have a longer period for the redemption period status (when the domain is still attached to the owner and he can unlock it). If earlier this period was 30 days, now it has been extended to 60. Another plus is that you can unlock the domain at the usual renewal price.

For a complete list of domain zones for which this option is available, search at the link.

We move servers abroad

In order to save servers, we started the process of transferring hosting to Germany even before the start of the war. This means that now customer data is physically located in foreign data centers and will not be lost in case of possible equipment damage. About 50% of hostings have already migrated, we continue our work.

If your domain is registered with Cityhost and uses our DNS, no settings need to be made. If you registered the domain with a third-party registrar, you need to install the following NS servers:


During the transfer procedure, the site may be unavailable for several hours. Detailed instructions and a notification letter about the start of the transfer will be sent to customers by e-mail.

We also plan to migrate VDS servers to foreign partners. We are currently negotiating with data centers in the Netherlands and Lithuania, choosing the best, most stable and safest options.

Stopped using the Russian ISPmanager panel

For server users, the control panel installation option is traditionally available. Previously, among the offers was the ISPmanager panel, developed by the Russians. We no longer install or maintain this panel. Instead, we suggest installing the free Hestia.

Customers who wish to continue using ISPmanager can pay for and administer it themselves, but we do not recommend this. Feeding Russian business = supporting the Russian army.

If you have any questions about the operation of Cityhost and the receipt or continuation of services, you can contact technical support via e-mail:

Let's fight - let's fight! Glory to Ukraine!