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CallBack service


Callback ("Call me back")

With the Callback service, the client can send a request from your website to contact him by phone.

After installing the widget, a button will appear on your site, the appearance of which you choose. The client clicks on the button and fills in his data in the feedback form. You just have to call him back.

Who is the callback service for?

For CityHost customers and not only. It doesn't matter whether you buy hosting from us, register a domain or rent a server. Even if you are not our client, you can use the Callback service and increase the number of calls from the site by up to 50%.

How to connect the callback service?

Please fill out the form at the bottom of the page to register. You will receive instructions for placing the widget by e-mail, and you can complete the settings using the service control panel in the Call Back section.

Simple setup

Appearance of the button, color, location on the site and display language - you choose everything.

We simplified the process of creating and using the service as much as possible. Placing the button does not require special knowledge and will take only a few minutes.

Advantages of the service from CityHost

  • The service is absolutely free.
  • You can choose between a free SMS message and a free e-mail message.
  • After receiving an SMS message or an e-mail, you yourself decide when to call the client back.
  • You can add multiple phone numbers of your managers.
  • Increased level of security - in the operation of the widget, we implemented several protection schemes against sending requests by bots.
  • Technical support and training are available to all users of the service.

Do you have any questions?

Call us at 0 (800) 219-220 (toll free in Ukraine for subscribers of all operators)

Or write to our technical consultants:

Connecting Callback to the site