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Flash mob: take a photo with the banner on Kontraktova and receive gifts from


On August 23, will launch a flash mob dedicated to de-Russification of domain names. The main condition for participation is to find a banner in the Kyiv metro on Kontraktova Square, take a picture with it and post the photo on social media.

The finale will be a raffle for three valuable gifts among all those who post a picture on social networks:

  • A certificate to the Rosetka store for UAH 1,000 + a branded t-shirt + UAH 500 for the balance in Cityhost;
  • A certificate to the Rosetka store for UAH 500 + a branded t-shirt + UAH 300 for the balance in Cityhost;
  • Branded T-shirt + UAH 300 for the balance in Cityhost.

How to become a member?

  1. Take a photo with the banner from, which is located in the Kyiv metro on Kontraktova Square.
  2. Post a picture on your page and tag the page on Facebook or Instagram
  3. Use the hashtag #derusification_of_domains in your post

On October 31, the TG channel will hold a prize draw among all those who can be found by this tag - subscribe to the channel and follow the news.

A little bit about the flash mob - it is part of a large-scale information campaign in support of the capital domain Its Russified counterpart,, still exists on the Internet, with almost 40,000 registered names, while in the Ukrainian-speaking zone there are slightly more than 3,000 domains.

It is because of this that Ukrainian registrars under the auspices of the administrator of the UA national zone launched a campaign to draw the attention of the Internet community to this problem.

As part of the promotion, we create promotional materials (videos, posters, memes), publish news and posts on social networks, and also created instructions for transferring the site to the correct Ukrainian-language domain . decided not to stop only at the capital domain, because in our Internet space there are eight such domain zones with two versions of the spelling of the city's name - in Russian and in Ukrainian. You can see them on the banner in the subway.

Our joint efforts to de-Russify domain names are already yielding positive results. Over the 16 days of August, the domain grew by 435 new names, which was unprecedented in the history of the zone.

Take part in the flash mob and share information with your friends, because Ukrainian cities deserve the right Ukrainian-language domains.