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New research in the field of combating DDoS attacks

Both directly the owners of the sites targeted by the attack and other sites, if they are hosted on the same virtual hosting server, suffer from DDoS attacks. Methods of saving the situation in such cases are known, but below we will present to your attention systematized advice from VeriSign specialists.

A DoS attack involves the transfer of traffic from one host to another in order to interrupt the operation of an online application or service. A distributed attack, or DDoS, is when multiple hosts are involved in transmitting traffic. Attackers usually block the entire traffic channel or cause the server itself to crash. Attacks can be carried out on web servers, DNS servers, routers, firewalls or various applications.

How to deal with it:

  • Centralization of data collection: it is necessary to know what indicators to monitor in order to notice in time an unusual situation with traffic or other activity on the server.
  • Determining the standards of behavior during a DDoS attack: it is important to develop an algorithm for solving the problem, as well as to find out which services are most critical for you, and how you can secure them first.
  • Using several levels of filtering: in this way, you can block only unwanted traffic, while "law-abiding" visitors to your site can receive service with the least delays.
  • Testing systems at the stage of their construction: thanks to this, you will know in advance which elements of your system are most vulnerable, and you will be able to fix them in a calm environment, without harming users. On the other hand, during an attack, you will not have to urgently come up with something and redo it.
  • Plan protection at the level of individual applications: even if the level of security of the entire system is quite high, an unexpected increase in traffic can be critical for one of the applications that (well, suddenly) is not ready for such a situation. Criminals can find out about the threshold of performance of a particular application and deliberately "put" it.