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Cityhost March Update 2024




Spring began with interesting updates not only in Cityhost services but also in the entire domain system of Ukraine — read the news to the end to find out all the details.

MySQL 8.0 Launched on Hosting

We have launched separate hosting servers with MySQL 8.0. This version of the database management system is relatively new in usage, although it was released in 2018. Today, not all popular website management systems work correctly with MySQL 8.0. Therefore, to avoid disrupting the operation of incompatible sites, we have installed a stable version on some company servers.

Information about the version of the MySQL server where your site is hosted is available in the control panel, in the MySQL section. If other versions are available on your server and you want to use MySQL 8.0, contact technical support, which will help with the migration. You will see the corresponding notification on the panel:

MySQL 8.0 on hosting

We plan to gradually increase the number of MySQL 8.0 servers based on the needs and increasing compatibility of the software used by our clients.

Increased the security level of hosting servers

We have completely disabled outdated TLS 1.0/1.1 protocols and cryptographic algorithms that may contain potential vulnerabilities. At the same time, support for the latest version of the TLS 1.2/1.3 protocol, which meets the highest Internet security standards, has been added. This update provides protection for our clients' websites against potential cyber threats.

The updated security protocols are more reliable, more cryptographically secure, and faster versions of algorithms that ensure the security and reliability of data transmission.

Additionally, this update means that your websites will be able to successfully pass various security tests, receiving the highest ratings.

Improved the logic of automatic domain forwarding to hosting

When creating a new hosting and using the "Forward to Hosting" button in the DNS section, a number of processes have been optimized, improving the logic of the function.

Managing DNS records in the Cityhost panel

  1. The logic of creating SPF1 DNS records has been improved. The record format has been simplified, duplication of records in case of additional domain forwarding to the MX1 mail server has been removed. This will help avoid mail ending up in spam, which can occur with two identical SPF1 records.
  2. When automatically forwarding a domain to hosting, a DKIM record for sending phpmail emails is also created. This will increase the chances of delivering the email to the recipient and reduce the risk of it being marked as spam. However, we still recommend not using phpmail and setting up the site to send emails via SMTP, which has a higher successful delivery rate and email control.
  3. When automatically forwarding, two A and AAAA DNS records are created for the main domain, www alias, and WILDCARD records, which automatically process both the domain and all subsequent created subdomains. There is no need to create additional records for subdomains (just do not delete the WILDCARD records).
  4. If the WILDCARD record was accidentally or intentionally deleted, when creating a site/subdomain in the DNS section, an A and AAAA record for the domain and its www alias will be automatically created.
  5. If the domain's operation was accidentally disrupted due to interference in the DNS section (deletion or editing of DNS records), this problem can be resolved by clicking the "Forward to Hosting" or "Forward to Mail" button (depending on the specifics of domain usage).

Read more about DNS records in the article.

Added evaluation of communication with technical support

Now you can evaluate each session of interaction with technical support — after the chat/ticket is closed, the system will prompt you to rate it. Each evaluation is monitored by the support manager to understand the quality of the operator's responses and improve the department's work.

Returned bonuses for reviews on Google Maps

You can once again leave reviews on Google Maps and receive a bonus — 100 hryvnias to the balance of your Cityhost account. By the way, we also have bonuses for reviews on Facebook and — 50 hryvnias for each review.

Promotions are cumulative, so you can easily get 200 hryvnias for extending services, spending just a few minutes.

Check the terms of promotions in the control panel.

Transferred Crimean domains to the EPP interaction protocol

Since March 1, three Crimean domain zones CRIMEA.UA, SEBASTOPOL.UA, YALTA.UA have been transferred to the EPP interaction protocol. This is a modern protocol that is a global standard for data exchange in the field of domain names. It provides better security and reliability in the operation of the domain system.

Technical support for the protocol is provided by the administrator of the national UA zone LLC "Hostmaster".

All existing domains in these zones will be automatically transferred to the EPP protocol without the need for client intervention.

These three domain zones are the last in Ukraine to switch to EPP. Now all Ukrainian domains operate according to global standards using the new interaction protocol.

Returned the option to extend VDS for 24 months

You have asked us to extend the period for which virtual servers can be extended — and we have done it. Now you can again pay for the service for a period of up to 24 months inclusive.

The option is available for use if the VDS expiration date does not exceed 21 days.

Added information about the cost of domain restoration when it enters the RedemptionPeriod

A new section "Restoration" has appeared on the Prices and Discounts for Domains page. The information provided in it will help you find out the cost of restoring a domain that has entered the RedemptionPeriod.

You can read more about this and other periods in the domain lifecycle in the article.