Help and support

March update 2023


Find instructions in the FAQ section of the control panel

One of the most important and convenient updates is the addition of a FAQ search bar to the control panel. There are more than 300 instructions for setting up and using services, as well as answers to the most common customer questions. Now you can find instructions directly in the panel by simply typing a keyword into the search bar. Moreover, the system will offer ready-made answers depending on the section in which you are.

We described in detail how to use the search and made a video about it. You can read and watch at the link .

Continuing services is now even easier

On our website, it is possible to quickly extend the service without logging into the account.

Let's imagine that you need to pay for a domain, but you do not remember the account password or do not have access to it. It is enough to click on the "Continuation of services" section, enter the domain name, and the system will instantly create an account. You can also pay for other services by entering your hosting login, IP address, or dedicated server name.

If you have several related services in your account, you can pay for all of them together by entering data about only one of them.

The button to continue services is located in the main menu on the desktop and mobile versions of the site.

The domain certificate is now in PDF format

We offer to issue an electronic PDF-certificate for the domain , which will confirm ownership. This document may be necessary to connect to the site of payment systems, obtain financing for business, etc.

After filling out the application, the certificate will be sent to the registered mail in no more than a day. It is certified by the seal of our company, contains information about the domain owner and the term of its registration. If necessary, you can print the PDF certificate yourself and provide it to your counterparties upon request.

Read more about how to get a domain certificate .

Software updates

Our programmers and system engineers work every day to improve the functionality of the control panel. We can talk about dozens of small updates, but we will mention the main ones here.

Updated the git app to the latest version

The git console utility has been updated to the latest version on all virtual hosting servers. Before the current update, version was available to users.

Among the main updates are improvements to the speed and security of Git. For example, the new version eliminates some vulnerabilities that can be used for attacks on the system.

Another important feature is improved support for remote repositories, including increased connection stability to remote servers.

Added new PHP 8.2 version

PHP 8.2 has been added to all virtual hosting servers. The new version of PHP is available for use on sites, ssh-console and cron jobs.

One of the main improvements in PHP 8.2 is to improve the performance and speed of code execution. The version contains a new JIT (Just-In-Time) optimizer, which allows you to speed up the execution of complex programs by 20-30%.

Read the instructions on how to change the php version for the site .

ionCube Loader support for PHP 8.1

Added support for the ionCube Loader extension for sites using PHP 8.1.

This extension helps protect PHP code from unauthorized use. It works with encrypted code, which ensures the preservation of your copyright and protects your designs from piracy.

Read the instructions on how to enable ionCube Loader .

AVIF format support in GD

Added support for images with the AVIF file type for php 8.1 to the list of available file types for the GD extension.

AVIF is a format used to store images with high quality at a small file size. It is based on AV1 image compression technology. This means that AVIF images will take up less space on your computer or server, reducing page load times.

We are developing technical infrastructure in Europe is expanding its presence in Europe through the construction of the company's technical infrastructure there. Over the past month, three new servers have been launched in the Serverius Dronten (Netherlands) data center. You can order virtual servers on fresh machines using the link.

We also established an additional IP/24 network — 256 new IP addresses have already been installed in the Netherlands data center.