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Termination of Registration in Five UA Domains and Extension of the Promotion for Popularizing the KYIV.UA Domain




May 1, 2024 marks two significant events in the Ukrainian domain name system. The first is the termination of registration in five Russified domain zones, and the second is a new phase of the promotion campaign dedicated to the capital domain KYIV.UA.

Termination of Registration in Certain Regional Domains

Starting May 1, 2024, new domains will no longer be registered in zones where the name of the regional center is transliterated from Russian. The list of such domain names includes:


For websites in these regions, more euphonic, Ukrainian-language domains are offered —,,,,

Please note that this concerns the termination of registration of new domains, but the domain zones will continue to operate, and there are currently no plans to close them. Existing Russified domain names can still be used and renewed.

However, it should be noted that expired domains will no longer be released for sale. If a user forgets to renew their domain name, it will be impossible to re-register it. You can read more about the domain life cycle on our blog.

It is worth reminding that Cityhost stopped registering all Russian-language domains back in the summer of 2022. However, we continue to service those already existing in our system — clients who already have domains with Russian transliteration can continue to use them for as long as needed.

Promotion Campaign for the KYIV.UA Domain

The administrator of the national UA domain zone, "Hostmaster," has announced a new promotion campaign to support the capital domain with the correct spelling of Kyiv's name. Starting from May 1, 2024, for a period of three months, users will be able to purchase a domain at a discounted price. This discount will vary among all registrars. For example, at Cityhost, it will cost 99.00 hryvnias for the first year of domain usage.

A similar campaign took place last year, and the same conditions will be retained in the current campaign. We plan not only to offer discounts but also to make publications aimed at popularizing the correct Kyiv domain, allowing users to learn more about it.

You can read more about last year's campaign in this news article.


We have decided to go further and continue the discount campaign for all de-Russified domains. Until July 31, 2024, you can purchase them for 99.00 hryvnias for the first year of usage. You can find the full list of domains in this article.