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File storage

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Rate ST1 ST5 ST10 ST20
Disk space 1 TB 5 TB 10 TB 20 TB
Countries available for hosting file storage
Traffic Limit
The maximum number of users that can be created to access the storage
Maximum number of restore points that can be created
Restore points
240.00 грн / month. 690.00 грн / month. 1260.00 грн / month. 2190.00 грн / month.
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The ability to manage files in the storage using the FTP/FTPS protocol, you can use any FTP client to connect, such as FileZilla, Total Commander, Windows Explorer, etc. 21 ports are used for connection.
Ability to transfer files with encryption and authentication via the secure SSH protocol, as in the case of FTP/FTPS, you can use any FTP client with SFTP support of your choice. The 22nd port is used for connection.
Connecting to the storage terminal via the secure SSH protocol for file management. Basic Unix commands such as ls, cd, rm, mv, etc. are available for use, and a complete list of commands is available by calling the help command. Port 23 is used for connection.
The rsync utility is used to quickly and securely copy or synchronize files between two servers via the secure SSH protocol. Usually, rsync is used in the terminal of Unix-like operating systems. Port 23 is used for connection.
The scp utility, like rsync, uses the SSH protocol to transfer files, so it offers slightly less convenient file management capabilities (for example, file synchronization) than rsync.
Ability to work with the storage file system through protocols typical of Windows-based operating systems.
These utilities are a reliable tool for creating and efficiently storing backup copies of files and directories, they provide reliable encryption and fast creation of backup copies of only changed data, reducing the time and volume of transmitted information. Port 23 is used for BorgBackup.
The rclone utility provides data transfer between cloud devices and online services, such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Amazon S3, Microsoft OneDrive, etc., and also supports FTP and SFTP.
The ability to access a folder with files via the secure HTTPS protocol to download files from storage directly in a web browser. The connection takes place in the browser using the user login and password, which can be created above on this page. The created user will see those files and folders that are limited by the settings of his root directory.
Widely used protocol for joint work with files and folders, in particular in the environment of additional web and cloud storage, as it allows the storage to be integrated into the system as if the user were working with files on his own computer.
The ability to connect storage as a network drive, for example in operating systems of the Windows family, and not only.
Network drive
240.00 грн / month. 690.00 грн / month. 1260.00 грн / month. 2190.00 грн / month.
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Need more space to store files, images or databases? We offer to rent a separate disk space with a capacity of one terabyte, which can be used as an online file storage for any type of data.

It's like hosting, but not for the site, but for saving information. Now you can upload your files to the Internet storage , view or download them from any place where there is a network.

The server on which your data will be stored is physically located in Germany or Finland - you can choose the country. The storage can be used as a network drive, file sharing, photo hosting with a direct link and in other ways that will be needed for your purposes.

More than Google Photo and longer than Fex. Importantly, unlike many other file sharing services, there is no file retention or link expiration — they exist as long as you use the service. At a time when popular photo hosts offer 15-50 GB of space with limited terms of use, our online storage provides immediately from 1 TB at a very reasonable price and without additional conditions.

Who needs file storage :

Renting storage is not only a safe and reliable location of files, but also a comfortable way to transport them. Let's imagine that you are a photographer who travels the world and takes many bright pictures. You no longer have to carry around backpacks with hard drives - find a device with Internet access, upload pictures to storage and be calm about their fate.

File storage on the Internet is needed not only by specialists for work - it is needed by everyone who cares about the safety of their family photos and videos, memories from a wedding or the birth of a child. Use a rented space for backup, and you will no longer have desperate situations due to a stolen phone or broken laptop. Let the important moments of life always be safe.

Thanks to a wide range of connection protocols, you can not only save files and access them from any browser, device or software, but also integrate them into an application or program.

The service allows you to make 10 simultaneous connections and create up to 100 sub-accounts for other users who will see files only in the directories intended for them. This greatly increases the privacy of information if you work with different clients and give them access to view files.

Features of the service

Better than file sharing

The Storage service offers a huge amount of disk space for storing data �” photo and video files, programs, disk images, project source files. They can take up a lot of space, and when trying to share files, the question arises: how to do it safely, without risking data and with a good transfer speed. The data in the storage belongs only to you and you can add or remove it at any time.

Access from anywhere 24/7

Use a wide variety of access protocols such as FTP, SFTP, SCP, RSYNC and others to easily, quickly and securely access files inside the vault from any device and software. If needed, you can integrate the Vault into your own file system or application using Webdav or Samba.

Maximum security

Your data in the Storage is protected by a raid configuration, which provides high fault tolerance, and the chance of data loss is extremely small compared to any other methods of information storage. In addition, checksums for individual data blocks are used to detect and correct bit errors.

Frequently asked questions and answers

Why do I need file storage?

Store any valuable files, photos, videos, documents, archives or programs for your own use and access them from anywhere there is an Internet connection.

For owners of large projects, it is an opportunity to store backup copies or project databases for any period of time with the ability to always access current versions.

For photographers and videographers, it's an opportunity to share huge amounts of data with your clients without the need to compress and change quality to reduce the final file size. Your client will be able to get the file as the original source, and the download link is not limited by the file exchange - you choose when to remove the files from the repository.

For developers, this is an opportunity to store custom files in the repository without the need to rent a separate server, since the repository supports a huge list of interaction protocols that allow you to integrate it into any project, including Webdav and Samba.

Can I change the size of the storage ordered?

Storage allows you to use it according to your needs: increase or decrease your plan (storage capacity) without downtime or data loss using on-the-fly plan change.

How to access files in storage

The file storage supports a huge set of protocols for interaction: FTP/FTPS, SFTP, SSH, RSYNC, SCP, Samba/CIFS, BorgBackup/Restic, RCLONE, HTTPS, WebDAV, Network Drive, you choose the method that is convenient for you �” or you can use all at the same time . If you need to share files with other people, you can create a folder. It will be accessible only to the person to whom you provide it in the form of a login and password, and files can be downloaded directly in the browser with a direct link and with good speed.

Can I customize the storage size?

No, the storage options are limited by the tariff plan. If the maximum storage tariff plan does not offer the disk space you need, you can order several storages that can be used in parallel. There is no limit to the number of storages available for ordering.