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Added the Web SSH tool to the control panel


SSH is a secure connection protocol for remote hosting or server management. We are used to working with it using graphic shells, interfaces with various buttons and inscriptions. But "bare" SSH is text commands that are typed into the black box of the console.

With the help of SSH, you can do everything: create and delete folders, files and archives, monitor the state of the server, see the history of commands and find out how much space is left on the hard disk, save and import databases and much more.

Administrators and advanced customers often choose to manage directly over SSH, because this method gives more freedom of action.

But the remote connection process sometimes causes difficulties for users, so we have created a new and convenient Web SSH tool in the virtual hosting control panel. It allows you to get into the console with just one button. You can activate the service in your control panel using the instructions .

SSH is the underlying technology that runs on all connections between the client and its hosting. If you already know how to use it or are learning the protocol language, the Web SSH option will help make the connection process as simple as possible and focus on working with teams.