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SMS Mailing


SMS mailing

Useful service from CityHost

The SMS Mail service allows you to send messages from your website to the phone of your managers, partners or customers. The mass SMS sending service is most popular among owners of online stores or companies that provide services.

With the help of our SMS gateway, you can inform your customers about promotional offers, the status of their orders, send reminders and various messages. You can notify your staff about the arrival of a new order, a callback order, or send any other message that requires a quick response.

For those who use our SMS gateway for messaging or bulk SMS, there is an option to register an Alpha Name . It appears as the sender, which means that the name of your company or service will be displayed instead of the usual phone number. SMS service from CityHost is an effective way to attract customers .

SMS count Cost
1 sms 1.2 грн
  • General account for all services.
    To use the SMS Service, you do not need to register a separate account, it is already included in the client control panel and is part of the service.
  • API integration with the site engine.
    You can integrate the service with your website using HTTP and SOAP protocols.
  • Custom alpha name.
    An alphanumeric name is 11 characters in the SMS sender line that indicates the name of your company or brand. You can apply for alpha name registration from your personal account.
  • Round-the-clock support.
    Our support service works 24/7 and will be able to help you with any question.
  • Secure messaging.
    You can specify IP addresses from which you will send SMS if you want to restrict access.