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Administrators of Ukrainian domain zones restore pre-war work regulations


A year ago, the Ukrainian administrators of domain zones decided not to remove domains from the registry and to keep them with their owners until the end of martial law, which we wrote about in the news about changes in services.

This was done so that site owners and webmasters who found themselves in difficult conditions due to the war would have time to renew domains and not lose them.

According to these conditions, the domains remained "frozen" in the redemptionPeriod status. According to the regulated life cycle before the start of a full-scale invasion, they should then be removed and put on free sale.

Read more in our blog about the life cycle of a domain name .

However, a year of such practice led to the accumulation of a large number of non-working domains — in some zones, up to a quarter of them were collected. This situation creates a significant burden on the technical and financial resources of administrators and slows down the pace of healthy circulation of the domain name market.

Therefore, after a meeting and survey of administrators and registrars, it was decided to gradually return to pre-war work regulations — to remove expired domains from the register and start selling them again. It is important that the rights of customers will be preserved as much as possible, domain users get enough time to pay for services.

Starting from 01.05.2023, new rules will apply for the following domain zones:

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  1. Domain names that were in the redemptionPeriod status until 04/30/2023 will be assigned to their owners and will not be deleted until 11/01/2023. That is, registrants get another six months to continue the service.
  2. Domains that entered the redemptionPeriod status later than midnight on 05/01/2023 will be deleted according to the pre-war rules, i.e. after 30 days.
  3. Expired domains will be restored with redemptionPeriod at double payment (before the invasion, the restoration amount was much higher and could be 3-4 times the cost of annual use).
  4. Until May 1, 2023, owners can renew their domain simply by paying the annual fee.

These conditions are quite loyal and will allow domain owners to resolve all issues related to the continuation of services in a timely manner, as well as contribute to the full operation of the industry.