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The GeoIP module is already available to CityHost hosting users

new GeoIP is the ability to distinguish and process the IP addresses of users who visit your sites. Today, servers can already process such types of data:
  • IP address from which the request is sent;
  • Continent code (Europe, Asia, America, etc.);
  • Code of the country to which the IP address belongs;
  • The name of the country to which the IP address belongs;

Once you receive and process this information, you can do things like:

  1. Display different content to visitors depending on their IP address.
  2. Ban users from specific countries from visiting the site.
  3. Allow site visits only for a specific country.

This module will be of great help to site owners who operate in several countries.

Some examples of using the GeoIP module :

We have a company that provides website development services all over the world. The price of services differs depending on the customer's country. What to do and how to notify users from different countries? Very simple - use the GeoIP module. Specify that one price should be displayed for visitors from, for example, Poland, and another for visitors from Germany. In addition to prices, you can also display phone numbers and office addresses in the respective country.

Or suppose that your project is not yet operational in Germany, but is already operating in Ukraine. Make appropriate settings and notify visitors from Ukraine about your offers, and visitors from Germany - show the project start date.

In practice, it looks like this :

The user enters the site, the system instantly receives his IP address, processes it and shows content prepared in advance for him. How to configure the GeoIP module is described here .