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Cityhost is discontinuing archived hosting rates


In order to optimize the company's work, we have decided to discontinue all archived hosting tariffs. Customers who are served by them will be transferred to current tariffs free of charge.

How will the transition take place?

Clients who are served in archival tariffs will receive a corresponding message in advance at the contact e-mail specified during registration. The system automatically selects the current tariff based on the characteristics of the existing one. The message will indicate the tariff to which you will be transferred. In addition, you will be asked to choose any other of the current tariffs for the transition. After the date indicated in the message, the account will automatically change the tariff to a new one.

Do you need to change something on the site?

No, you don't need to make any changes to the site code or domains. Access to the control panel will not change either. All work on changing the tariff will take place automatically and without the need for any actions on the part of customers.

If the proposed tariff does not suit me?

If you do not agree with the tariff proposed by the system, you can choose any of the other relevant tariffs for today. Information about all current tariffs is available on the main page of the site: .

When will the tariff change take place?

We plan to fully complete the transition in January 2021. Until the change, you can continue the services at the current tariff for the available term.