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Software update on the KNOPKA server

In order to keep up with the times and provide our customers with an increasingly high-quality service, we have prepared a new hardware solution for the knopka server — with a more powerful processor, three pairs of mirrored hard drives and an SSD drive for data caching in writethrough mode. The case with hot-swap technology will allow, if necessary, to replace one of the hard drives of the virtual hosting server without turning off the server, that is, the percentage of downtime due to possible technical problems will be significantly reduced. As for the software, CentOS 6.0 was installed instead of the FreeBSD operating system, which significantly increased the security of the data placed on the server, and also allowed installing modern versions of the standard software for the web server.

It became possible to set account limits on the use of processor resources, so now when unwanted activity appears on one or more client sites, other users will not notice problems in the operation of their resources.