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blog 553 How to Build a Strong Link Profile for Your Website in 2024

You will find all the valuable information about link building and effective strategies for acquiring links for your website.

blog 549 Bounce Rate on a Website — How to Analyze and Reduce It

Do readers visit your website and not interact with it? This is what a bounce looks like — an important metric that we'll discuss in article.

blog 547 Green communication with performers — how not to become a customer that everyone hates

Being a customer is a skill that needs to be learned. Read an analysis of mistakes in working with performers and a selection of materials.

blog 544 The Weirdest Computer Games of All Time

A crazy goat, traveling baker, a surreal 3D environment – these are just a few examples from our selection of the strangest games.

blog 552 Google Analytics 4 for Beginners: What is GA4 and How to Use It

A guide to setting up Google Analytics 4: from an overview of features and interface to instructions for transitioning from Universal Analytics.

blog 550 «Allowing the creation of new Russian-language domains, we thereby permit the idea of the re-communization of Ukraine to live on» — an interview with UA national domain administrator Dmitry Kohmanyuk

Dmitry Kokhmanyuk has been administering the UA domain since 1995. In this interview, he will discuss the history of Ukrainian domains.

blog 546 What is DNS and How the Domain Name System Works

What is DNS and DNS server, where and how to configure NS servers, what are DNS records, how to edit them — we answer frequently asked questions.

blog 543 Thank You Page on the Website: How and Why to Design It

Sell more, build a loyal community, and show your love for customers with a thank you page.

blog 551 TOP-8 Best WordPress Themes for Blogs Relevant in 2024

Choosing a theme for blog from thousands of WordPress themes is no easy task. But we're here to help you navigate and review the 8 best themes.

blog 548 What is a website aggregator: types of aggregators, earnings calculation, step-by-step instructions of create

An article for those who want to create a website aggregator with automated content filling without programming and large investments.

blog 545 Which IT professions to study in 2024 — how not to be left without work in the most popular industry

Over the past three years, the IT job market has changed significantly. Who should you study in 2024 and how to become a sought-after specialist?

blog 542 Artificial Intelligence — Friend, Lover, Psychologist

Artificial intelligence is becoming not only a working tool but also a partner or friend. What are the advantages and dangers of companion apps?