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blog 534 Stories of Our Users: How the Charity Fund '99 PROBLEMS' Helps People with Multiple Sclerosis

In our new article, you will learn about the 99 PROBLEMS foundation and its support for people with multiple sclerosis

blog 531 How to Create Instagram Highlights: A Step-by-Step Guide

Mandatory rules and proven recommendations for creating evergreen stories, a step-by-step guide on adding highlights to Instagram.

blog 528 Copyright on the Internet: How to protect your content and how not to become a delinquent

Learn important information about copyright that will allow you to safely use others' content and securely protect your materials.

blog 523 What was the year 2023 like for — Year in Review
 IT news  

Despite challenges, persevered, achieving significant milestones in 2023. Explore our success in the article!

blog 533 SEO on a shoestring – what a website owner can do on their own for site promotion without hiring specialists

SEO is a lengthy and complex process that requires the involvement of specialists. However, improvements can be made on website independently.

blog 530 What a Heat Map of a Website Can Reveal and How to Create One

A click map is one of the most intriguing analytics methods. It assists in visualizing how users interact with the site and where their clicks.

blog 527 How to Create UTM Tags and Why They Are Needed

How to determine which of your advertising campaigns performed better when launched simultaneously? With UTM tags.

blog 522 Workplace Cybersecurity — Information Hygiene Rules for Company Leadership and Employees

What is cybersecurity, common types of cyber attacks, and how to protect your company from them — all in the latest article from our team.

blog 532 How to Determine the Traffic of Someone Else's Website

Read how to find out the traffic of someone else’s website. As well as an overview of the best online services for traffic analysis.

blog 529 Faster, Better, More Efficient: Sales Automation in eCommerce

To ensure the efficient operation of an online store, it is essential to automate all processes, including payment, logistics and communication.

blog 524 Why are there no calls from the website, and what needs to be checked first

Are customers not calling? Perhaps they can’t find a phone number on the website or managers are missing calls. Let's find out the main reasons.

blog 521 Cyberbullying in Comments — How to Respond to Unjust Negative Reviews on Google Maps and Facebook

Dealing with an undeserved one-star rating on review sites can be painful. Discover effective strategies for responding to negative reviews.