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Hosting in Germany from CityHost

The service of hosting sites abroad has become popular among owners of Internet sites from Ukraine. To meet the high demand of hosting users, we offer our customers a unique opportunity to move their sites at current hosting rates and with the same settings, without paying anything extra for the move.

Virtual hosting on German servers complies with the LAMP standard — the operating system of the Linux family, the Apache web server, MySQL databases, and PHP support — version 5.2 or 5.3. Traffic is not limited, and the amount of allocated disk space and the number of sites, databases and subdomains is determined by the virtual hosting tariff . If, in addition to moving, you want to expand the allocated resources, let our technical support staff know about it, and we will recalculate the paid funds.

We maintain a high quality of service, but we are constantly expanding the range of services provided. Now you can place your sites on foreign servers, and the technical support and billing system remains Ukrainian.