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Development of the hardware part of our servers

The amount of data you host on our servers is constantly growing, which means more and more backup space is needed. We do not skimp on customer needs. At the beginning of April, backup storage will be expanded by 6 TB, which corresponds to the forecast for the development of client resources in the next few months.

It's also time for a scheduled update of the "iron" on the jazz virtual hosting server. To increase the speed of sites hosted on this machine, we are doubling the capacity for SSD caching. This will significantly reduce the volume of disk operations. In addition, we will expand the RAM on the jazz server to 16 GB. Thus, the fault tolerance of the server will increase, as there will be enough resources to perform even a critical mass of requests (in the event of a hack or DDOS attack).

Since we monitor the condition of the equipment and replace it with a more modern one in a timely manner, users of CityHost services do not have to worry about the reliability of the hosting purchased from us.