Help and support

We introduced the continuation of services without authorization in the control panel


Now, to continue hosting, domain, virtual or dedicated server, it is not necessary to log in to the service control panel. You can do this on the fast renewal page, a link to it is available in the footer of our website: .

To continue the service, you need to enter the domain, hosting login, server name or IP address in the form. After verification, the system will prompt you to choose a payment method and deposit funds. At the moment, payment is available both for individuals online or by bank receipt, and for legal entities by invoice. If you want to pay the bill as a company, you will need to enter additional information about the company: its name, the method of obtaining documents and the contact of the accounting department.

If you do not know the hosting login or server IP address, you can contact technical support for this information. Please note that due to the specifics of the system, domain names are extended for one year only. At the same time, for hosting, virtual and dedicated servers, there are extensions for longer periods, which you can choose yourself.

The fast resume system can identify related services. For example, if you ordered hosting with a domain, you can renew both services with one action and vice versa. The system will offer to renew the domain added to the hosting, if you registered it with our company. Such additional hosting services as memcached, opcache, redis will be included in the price automatically.

Payment for overdue and remote services cannot be made in the quick extension system.