Help and support

CityHost control panel — additional features

The service control panel continues to develop, our programmers work every day to add new functions and opportunities for your more convenient and fast work with our services.

Databases and mailboxes

In the hosting management section of the service control panel, two more tabs have appeared - "Mailboxes" and "Databases". In these tabs, you can fully manage your mailboxes and MySQL databases without logging into the ISPManager control panel. In the "Mailboxes" tab, you can also find information about what parameters you should specify in your mail client (Thunderbird, Outlook Express, The Bat, etc.) for its correct configuration, as well as a link to the web interface for receiving and sending mail messages . In the near future, this information will be improved and will also appear in the "Databases" tab.

Need help? Light!

Contacting the support service of the hosting provider has become even easier. In the "Support" tab, which appeared next to the previous two tabs, you can write a request to the support service directly from your control panel. The answer to the question will come to your registration e-mail. Nevertheless, it is worth paying attention that in order to get a quick and complete answer to your question, it is necessary to clearly indicate: in what and with what you have any difficulties.