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Update Cityhost services


The Cityhost team is constantly working on system updates. Recently, there have been many new improvements that will make using the services even more convenient.

Virtual hosting

Added GoAccess - a console utility for visual analysis of site access logs. It allows you to sort log entries and view statistics by category. With its help, you can quickly find out the number of site visitors (in particular, unique ones), which pages are accessed most often, from which IP addresses the most requests are made, etc. For more information on how to use the utility, see the link .

Ability to permanently disable IP access restrictions for FTP. Previously, it was possible to turn off the restriction only for 2-24 hours, after which it was turned on again. The latest update is convenient for free access to files via FTP from dynamic IP addresses of devices that you regularly use. Read the detailed instructions on how to disable access restrictions.

A new image to webp conversion filter has been added to the PageSpeed module. This format allows you to compress images as much as possible without losing quality and has a number of other advantages. It works like this: you have images in jpeg/png/gif format on your hosting, and when the visitor opens the site, an automatically converted webp image is sent to him. This eliminates the need to manually convert files to webp or install additional modules on the hosting.

In addition, it is possible to add Google Analytics tracking code to PageSpeed directly through hosting, without editing the page code. Read more about the PageSpeed module and its use here .

Added Node.js support for virtual hosting. Previously, the use of the platform was possible only on servers, but now it can be launched on regular hosting by pressing just one button in the control panel. Read the instructions on how to activate the functionality.

Added dkim key signing of all e-mails sent from hosted sites and hosted mailboxes. This allows you to increase the reputation of the domain and letters and minimize the entry into the SPAM folder.

Added imagick extension for PHP 8.0 and 8.1. This is a mandatory module, which is required for rendering site images. It was available on all previous versions of PHP, and now it is available on newer versions as well.

We have added Barkrowler to the list of malicious user-agents whose work we block. Barkrowler crawls sites and creates an additional load, which is why it fell into the category of "bad" bots.

Updates in domains

A pop-up hint has been created for the zone during registration. The domain differs in its registration procedure from other domains — it needs to be additionally verified. Customers now see a pop-up prompt to help them remember to activate their domain via SMS or Telegram bot. The link leads to a page in the FAQ section, where the activation procedure is described in detail.

Registration of domain names in the new Ukrainian zone is open. We advocate de-Russification of domain names with the names of Ukrainian cities. If an alternative is available for most Russified domains ( —, then for the Mykolaiv zone there was only the Russian-language version and the abbreviated Now this regional center, on par with others, has a full-fledged domain zone transliterated from the Ukrainian language.

Virtual servers

Built-in button to automatically add an IP address to Firewall permissions . In order to start working with the server via SSH, you need to unblock the port, which is always blocked by default. Previously, the server tenant had to manually add their device's IP address to the Firewall every time they connected in order to access the server. The VPS control panel now has a feature that automatically detects the IP address of the device you're logged in from and offers permission to connect with just one button. For details on how to configure access to the server via SSH, read the instructions and watch the video .

The option to manually add IP addresses also remains if you need to connect a third-party computer to the server.

Referral program

We have updated the rules of the referral program . In short, all users of our services can offer their friends to register as customers using a unique referral link. The user who "brought" referrals receives a reward - a certain percentage of the costs of the involved customers.

Percentage of remuneration depending on the service:

  • Hosting - 10%;
  • Virtual servers - 6%;
  • Dedicated servers - 3%;
  • Domain names – 3%;
  • SSL certificates — 3%.

The received reward can be used to pay for services or withdrawn to a card (from 250 hryvnias). All funds accumulated before the implementation of the new system are stored and available for withdrawal.

In addition, we have updated the banners that customers can install on their site. Now they have a new design and more size options.

You can find all the information about our offers in the updated "Bonuses and Promotions" section in the control panel.

Other updates

A trifle, but nice. In the service control panel, it is possible to choose one of three languages. Now the Russian flag has been replaced by a sad emoticon.

Increased the limit of admissible downloadable sql-dumps for import into phpMyAdmin.

The period of time during which it is possible to reissue a paid SSL certificate has been increased: reissuance will be available already 30 days before the expiration of the certificate.