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SSL certificates

SSL certificate (Secure Sockets Layer) is a protocol designed to create a more secure connection between the server and the client. They are most often used in online stores, mail clients, where personal data and payment information are used to prevent interception of this information by third parties. When entering any information, it is encrypted, and in the event that it is intercepted by third parties, instead of real data, the attacker will receive only a random set of symbols that cannot be interpreted.

The presence of an SSL certificate on the site is a mandatory attribute for commercial projects. Its presence affects the trust of potential customers in the company. Since January 2017, Chrome and Firefox browsers have started warning users that the connection is not secure if the visited site does not have an installed SSL certificate.

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Certificates: 7
PositiveSSLRapid SSLQuickSSL PremiumTrueBiz ID with OVRapidSSL WildcardTrue BusinessID with EVTrue BusinessID Wildcard
Cost per year 398.98656.003240.003600.004332.005764.0012236.00
Compatible with mobile devices +++++++
Compensation $100000$100000$100000$1000000$100000$100000$100000
WildCard ----+-+
Confirmation method DVDVDVOVDVEVDV

The amount paid for an SSL certificate does not include the services of connecting it to your domain name. Verification (identification) of the customer and/or the customer company is carried out by the certificate manufacturer, and CityHost employees are not responsible for this process.

SSL - types of certificates

There are different types of SSL certificates, which differ among themselves in the type of verification and, accordingly, determine the reliability of the site on which they are installed: