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WHOIS service

In order to find out information about the domain - enter the full name of the domain in the verification line and click "Check".

Information rules the world, so a successful business must have access to all key data, such as a domain name. We suggest using Whois to get information about the domain registration date and its age, as well as the owner's contact information. This data can be important for organizing your internal business processes.

What is Whois?

This network protocol is widely used to quickly find out basic information or a free domain. If the search engine does not find the given name, it means that it is not taken and can be used. The online Whois service is very popular not so much because of the available opportunity to check the availability of a domain name for free, but because of other functions. Its biggest advantage is the ability to get important contact information about the owner and the duration of the domain's life cycle. This can be important for making a decision on a cooperation offer.

Using the Whois service, the user insures himself against unpleasant surprises. Unscrupulous craftsmen often create fake pages, filling them with interesting offers. An inexperienced buyer can get caught and lose money. Therefore, it is important to check the history of the domain name when concluding an agreement. The creation date is stored in the "created" section. If the site is only a couple of days or weeks old, and it is already raffling off valuable gifts or offering big discounts on goods, it is possible that it is a fraud.

Whois online service allows you to get the name and phone number of the owner. So, if desired, the interested person will contact the seller directly or check him on the database. However, private data is not always available online. They may be hidden according to registry rules. Some site owners provide false or incomplete information. If personal data is not available, you can use the feedback function provided by the Whois service online.

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