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February 2024 Update


We work daily on improvements and do everything to make our services easy and convenient for our clients to use. Therefore, we share with you the most important updates that have occurred recently. Also, in this article, we want to tell you about the update within the entire Ukrainian domain system, as this information is important for website owners.

Now all our hosting services are on NVMe disks

We have consistently and purposefully modernized our hosting servers to achieve maximum efficiency — speed, fault tolerance, and continuity of service. One of the steps of modernization is equipping all servers with modern fast NVMe disks. They are more productive and reliable, with significantly faster data read and write speeds, making your websites now work much faster. You can read more about the types of disks on servers, especially NVMe, in our article.

Simplified the selection of a dedicated server using filters

Now you can easily find a dedicated server by the required parameters. The page includes the following filters:

  • choice of processor manufacturer (AMD or Intel),
  • RAM capacity (from 16 to 512 GB),
  • type, volume, and number of disks,
  • optimal user price,
  • additional equipment.

dedicated server

This significantly simplifies the process of choosing the right server, as we have hundreds of them!

Implemented the catchall feature, which provides more options for email

A catchall field has been added to email domain management on hosting, which allows you to:

  1. Receive emails to mailboxes of employees whose accounts have already been deleted from the email system. For example, an employee has already left or their mail has been renamed. Now emails from senders with old addresses will not be lost but will be delivered.
  2. Receive emails when the sender makes a mistake in typing the email mailbox name. For example, you needed to send an email to, but the client wrote to the wrong address — Now the email will not be lost but will be delivered to the catchall mailbox.
  3. You can register for services using different mailboxes without creating them manually. This way, you can track unscrupulous services that spam or leak information about you to third parties. 

To use the catchall feature, go to your hosting to the "Mail" tab and click "Edit" next to the mail domain.

How to use the cachall function

At the bottom, you will find the catchall field, where you need to enter the working email mailbox.

Setting the catchall function

For more information on how to use this feature, read the instructions.

Accelerated DNS operations

All operations in the DNS section of the control panel are now performed significantly faster thanks to optimization. Previously, one request took ~1.4 seconds, now it takes ~0.2 seconds. From now on, you can manage, create, and delete domain DNS records at lightning speed.

Other Cityhost updates

There are also many small updates in the system, among which it is worth mentioning the following:

  • In the VDS/DS management section, a button for deleting PTR records has been added. Now you can not only create a record yourself but also delete it without contacting support.
  • Added authorization of phone numbers when registering from other countries.
  • Simplified the process of getting a test hosting to the minimum number of clicks.
  • Expanded the option to tip technical support - now our employees can be pleased not only by registered clients but also by unauthorized users.
  • Added a new version of php 8.3.
  • Added information about payment with funds from the balance - now this data is displayed in the invoices section.
  • Added the ability for mysql database users on hosting to block or allow remote connections. If you care about security, you can now allow or block a third-party user's connection to a specific database — for example, when using services or sites located outside of

Update in the Ukrainian domain system

These changes affect not only Cityhost but also everyone who has or plans to buy domains. 

Registrations have begun in new domains of Zakarpattia

From February 1, two new Zakarpattia domains have been launched — and This is an important event for the domain system because Zakarpattia domains are the last to be brought into line with the official transliteration of city names into Ukrainian.

Since we are the initiators of the movement for the derussification of domains, this stage is partly our achievement because now residents of all regions have the opportunity to register the correct Ukrainian domain. Until 2022, there was a whole list of domains that had only a Russified or abbreviated version, including Uzhgorod, which had two zones — and the domain

By the way, all domains in Ukrainian-language regional zones of Ukraine can be registered with us for UAH 99 for the first year of use. 

The UA-DRP procedure has expanded its coverage to most Ukrainian domain zones

UA-DRP is a procedure for resolving domain disputes out of court, which helps domain owners defend their interests without going to court. It operates for domains in the Ukrainian national zone UA and is resolved at the WIPO Arbitration Center. Previously, this procedure applied to 10 Ukrainian domains — now 22 more have been added to them, which means that from now on UA-DRP applies to almost all domain zones. 

Which exactly these zones are, how the UA-DRP procedure works, and how to file a complaint — read in our article, which we wrote for the media. We also suggest familiarizing yourself with the article in our blog, written by IT lawyers — it details all the nuances of UA-DRP.