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Delegate the ability to manage services to other users


We know that a lot of work on the development and completion of sites is not done by the owners, but by individual developer specialists. At the same time, the account in our system is often registered specifically for the business owner.

For the convenience of the development process or working with services, from now on you can delegate the management of a separate service, instead of providing access to the entire account in general. This functionality is designed not only for convenience, but also for security. You choose which services to delegate.

Currently, it is possible to delegate management of the following services:

  • Hosting ;
  • Domain;
  • VDS server;
  • DS server;
  • DNS records.

You can grant access only to those users who have registered in our system

Instructions on how to delegate access to services can be found at the link: . To delegate management of a service, you will need to select it and enter the login or email address of the user to whom management is transferred. For your security, we have introduced mandatory confirmation via an authorized phone number by entering a code sent via SMS.