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Reseller program

Do you want to start your own business on the Internet, spending a minimum of resources and using a convenient, proven service? Official domain name registrar and hosting provider CityHost provides resellers with excellent conditions. To become our partner, take part in the reseller program and you will be able to purchase domain names and hosting for your customers at special prices.

How to become a reseller

  1. Become our client - register
  2. Replenish your balance by the amount necessary to connect the reseller package (the amount goes to your account and will be used by you for further domain registration, virtual and VDS hosting services)
  3. Report your desire to become our partner by email to

Reseller opportunities

  • Special prices
  • Automatic registration of domain names
  • Automatic start of hosting
  • The possibility of domain registration for your client
  • DNS control panel
  • Ability to work with API
Пакет Start Пакет First Пакет Super
The amount of the initial payment (has no restrictions on the period of use) 880 грн. 3300 грн. 5700 грн.
Hosting Discount 5% 10% 15%
Reseller Domain Prices