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blog 130 Types of social signals

Content of social networks – a key aspect necessary for effective community promotion.

blog 129 Content plan for social networks

Simply creating a page on a social network is not enough.

blog 126 How to find out the hosting of someone else's website

Often there is a need to find out the hosting of the site. For example, to understand which service provider a competitor uses.

blog 119 How to correctly choose a site domain name

How to choose a site domain name depending on the specifics of the Internet project. Competent choice of name for your own website.

blog 131 What is Open Graph

If SEO promotion does not bring proper results – you may not be using all the available options.

blog 124 What is a backup?

Situations when you need to make a backup of the site arise often.

blog 122 How to check a domain for sanctions from Yandex

When creating a new web resource, you can register a domain or buy it.

blog 121 How to sell your domain

Domain sale – a great opportunity to get rid of it and partially return the money spent.

blog 128 What is the difference between a group and a business Facebook page | CityHost

Facebook – the most popular platform for business promotion on the Internet.

blog 125 How to change hosting provider

Sometimes situations arise when a change in website hosting is required.

blog 123 What is a domain zone

Before buying a domain, you need to decide on a domain zone.

blog 117 What is a subdomain and why is it needed?

Those who have already ordered website hosting know a lot about subdomains.