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blog 138 The main reasons not to use free website hosting

The idea of hosting a site on the Internet for free is enticing. There are plenty of good offers.

blog 135 Key mistakes of promotion in social networks

Optimizers and site owners know how much influence social networks have on a site's ranking.

blog 130 Types of social signals

Content of social networks – a key aspect necessary for effective community promotion.

blog 129 Content plan for social networks

Simply creating a page on a social network is not enough.

blog 136 Ways to enhance social signals

Promotion of the site in social networks – a great way to improve the results of external optimization and achieve higher positions.

blog 132 What is keyword cannibalization?

Quite often, when promoting a site, several pages are optimized for the same keywords at once.

blog 131 What is Open Graph

If SEO promotion does not bring proper results – you may not be using all the available options.

blog 124 What is a backup?

Situations when you need to make a backup of the site arise often.

blog 134 What are geo-dependent and non-geo-dependent queries

Previously, due to high competition, small regional firms could not compete with large metropolitan companies for a place in the TOP-10.

blog 133 Quotation marks in a query are a useful Wordstat operator

Many people use Yandex.Wordstat to collect keywords.

blog 128 What is the difference between a group and a business Facebook page | CityHost

Facebook – the most popular platform for business promotion on the Internet.

blog 125 How to change hosting provider

Sometimes situations arise when a change in website hosting is required.