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blog 145 How to configure HTTPS on a Drupal site

Before setting up https for Drupal, you need to perform some preparatory steps: install an SSL certificate

blog 143 How to configure HTTPS on PrestaShop

Before configuring https for PrestaShop, save a backup copy of your site and database

blog 139 How to transfer a site to Wordpress

Today Wordpress – one of the most popular platforms for creating sites.

blog 134 What are geo-dependent and non-geo-dependent queries

Previously, due to high competition, small regional firms could not compete with large metropolitan companies for a place in the TOP-10.

blog 146 How to configure HTTPS for MODX

Setting up https for MODX follows roughly the same algorithm

blog 141 How to configure HTTPS for Joomla

Before setting up https for Joomla, you need to perform a number of simple steps.

blog 138 The main reasons not to use free website hosting

The idea of hosting a site on the Internet for free is enticing. There are plenty of good offers.

blog 135 Key mistakes of promotion in social networks

Optimizers and site owners know how much influence social networks have on a site's ranking.

blog 142 How to set up HTTPS for WordPress

There are several ways to set up https for WordPress.

blog 140 How to protect site content from copying

Search engines like unique texts. They are loyal to sites that publish original content

blog 136 Ways to enhance social signals

Promotion of the site in social networks – a great way to improve the results of external optimization and achieve higher positions.

blog 132 What is keyword cannibalization?

Quite often, when promoting a site, several pages are optimized for the same keywords at once.