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Google refutes the myths of SEO-optimizers about the crawling budget


Martin Splitt, an employee of the corporation, revealed the secret of horrors about the budgeting of SEO programs in an interview with Alexis Sanders. The video is posted on the popular YouTube channel. It must be said that Google created a series of such chats for webmasters, where the secret of using JavaScript and how Googlebot works were told.

Before starting a small excursion into the matcha: what is this scary word crawling?

The crawling budget was established by Google to determine the limit for crawling pages for each of the sites in a certain period of time. The indicator is calculated separately for each site depending on the popularity. informativeness and attendance. Crawling helps raise a site in the ranking feed. Now let's move on to the topic.

Let's analyze the video

Content analysis . Splitt immediately warned that in order to optimize the process, Google must scan all content to understand the structure of the site. The robot must know in which of the given topics to place the given content of the site. It is important to note that links are needed not only by users, but also by search engines, so be careful with keywords.

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The recipe for the right link . First, don't create a link without an href attribute. This will lead to errors. The search robot will see an error in the link and block the site. It is better to use the URL pointed to by href and add it to JavaScript.

News under the crosshairs or constant scanning . It is worth paying attention to the fact that news sites are scanned most often. The more frequently the site is updated, the more top it is. But Google itself determines the scanning time because it takes into account the structure of the platform. But don't try to cheat the program. If you simply updated the date and did not make changes to the site: new information, links ... Google will not take you seriously and will not start to move up in the search engine.

Who will pay for the money?

The crawling budget should concern the sites of millionaires: publishers, online commerce, advertisers - those who control many URLs. Well, if your text is not interesting, unnecessary and boring ... don't blame the search engine, you won't see the budget. Pay attention to the quality of the photo and the availability of links. The user should receive complete information, not a set of bad slides and broken links. Configure your servers and editors for correct and trouble-free operation. "Sags" are annoying and significantly lower the rating.

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The correct URL is . According to Splitter, for successful use, you need to use a protocol - the correct access language, a domain name, and a correctly written path to certain content on the computer. Pay attention to the links and The URL will point to part of the fragment, after which the rest of the content will be undefined and crawlers will skip it. Avoid such links. Your address must be exclusively on the Sitemap so that Google can immediately find the page. Implement changes gradually, without undue haste and "throwing everything in one pile". And to clear cache POST requests, use GET.

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