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blog 365 Where is the WordPress database stored?

To begin with, let's give a simple definition of the WordPress database as such. The database stores absolutely all the information used on the site.

blog 364 How to roll back updates on WordPress?

There are two ways to roll back a WordPress update to the previous one: automatically and manually. But there is a nuance.

blog 360 How to change the logo in a Wordpress theme?

By default, any Wordpress site has a text logo. It is also a link leading to the main page.

blog 357 How to remove or change the inscription: "The site works on Wordpress"?

In many free WordPress themes, the inscription "The site is powered by Wordpress" is often written in the footer and...

blog 366 How to transfer a WordPress site to another domain?

There can be many reasons for moving a WordPress site to another domain. For example, the registered URL has been used before or you don't like it

blog 361 How to make a menu in WordPress?

The main menu is considered the founder of site navigation. It is important not only for users, but also for the search engine

blog 358 How to make a gallery in Wordpress?

Working with graphic files and multimedia on the Wordpress platform is easy and simple. You can literally insert a picture in a couple of clicks by clicking

blog 355 How to create an online store on Wordpress?

Today you will learn how to create a Wordpress online store. The world is unthinkable without Internet trade. Every company needs a website.

blog 363 How to make a sitemap in WordPress?

The sitemap.xml file is a site map that displays to search engines the location of all pages, records and site files indexed by the search engine.

blog 359 How to change the address of a page in Wordpress?

By default, when a page is created in Wordpress, a URL is automatically assigned to it. The system takes it from the H1 header and

blog 356 Where is robots.txt in Wordpress?

By default, Wordpress automatically creates a robots.txt file for any site. But there are a number of nuances here. First...

blog 352 How to post an entry on a Wordpress page?

This article will be of interest to novice users who are taking their first steps in the world of WP. WordPress is convenient because it is well suited for low-cost hosting.