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What affects the ranking in the e-commerce sphere


One of the strongest companies on the market of IT technologies in the field of complex Internet marketing and promotion of sites "Ashmanov and partners" conducted its annual study on the systematization of choices for online stores. Their services are consulting in the field of information technologies and development of intelligent software products.

Their task is to help clients increase sales, attract the target audience, make the brand recognizable, and the reputation impeccable. We will remind you that the research group put forward the thesis that the latest market trends require focusing not on the analysis of search tools, but on SEO data. According to analysts, organic search is predominant for e-commerce sites. Almost half of the respondents are sure that the costs of using search engines in the process of attracting customers are lower than various marketing tricks.

The main conclusions of the study:

  1. The percentage of use of mobile and stationary devices in the process of searching and creating orders in online sales is almost the same. The total attendance is about 1 million per month.
  2. The main focus of the user is on familiar, popular search engines. An important point is the wide localization of the site: the more countries the system covers, the more popular it is. The next point is variety: the more links you can get on request, the better. And, of course, an indicator of whether your site is useful or whether there is a high level of traffic and satisfaction.
  3. It was noted that for six months (the period from October 2019 to April 2020), the number of clicks from direct traffic (a little more than 40%) practically equaled the number of clicks from organic traffic (about 35%). At the moment, there is an upward trend of the latter. A small percentage is occupied by such types of search as: advertising on media channels and social networks, e-mail mailings or paid search. But their share is insignificant and barely exceeds 5%.
  4. We observe an interesting fact: the increase in the budget for SEO promotion depends on the turnover of the company. Big players for search engine optimization of the site have significantly increased their budget, while small and medium-sized businesses are betting on proven old methods. However, half of the respondents reported that there is necessarily a position of SEO manager in the state, and almost 40% use the services of agencies.
  5. Based on the analysis of the dynamics for the past year, "Ashmanov and partners" came to the conclusion that the weight of the link is important now. Compared to 2019, page parameters have become less popular in ranking. Read also : How to use the Advego service .
  6. They also checked such a "top" as a free call or feedback. Of course, the 8-800 number, which you can call from any number without paying for the connection, is very attractive for customers, but very expensive for owners. Therefore, there is an alternative callback. For small businesses with a small budget, this is a good opportunity to promote and support their business.
  7. The study concluded that the online manager only harms the business. The survey showed: it annoys and distracts buyers from the goal.
  8. It is extremely important to indicate the prices of goods and services. The more detailed the price, the better. It is necessary to indicate all possible promotions, discounts, additional "gingerbread" for the visitor so that he can navigate his expenses.
  9. Product visualization is definitely important. High-quality photos increase the attractiveness of the product many times.
  10. How easy and understandable it is to find and pay for a product on the website, to choose a method of receipt, also significantly affects the ranking. Recently, non-cash payment has been used more often. Delivery by courier or self-delivery is also preferable. Please note the availability of these features on your platform.
  11. It is necessary to leave recommendations for the rating, the "question-answer" option is important, the importance of publications and reference materials has increased. But certificates are interesting only for specific goods, while for the general sample it has decreased. Learn also : How to create a site using a free site builder .
  12. Almost all respondents use micro-replacements, URLs without parameters, security protocol and extensions with the ability to display the site on any stationary or mobile gadget.
  13. The HTML code and its share in the text have also undergone changes and now its importance is no more than six percent.
  14. But the text parameters remained virtually the same. The content and relevance of the content serves as a selection criterion. It is important that the content is filled with keywords that reflect the essence of the service or product. However, the importance of subheadings, highlights and underlines in the ranking process was not confirmed. This is rather a logical division for the convenience of the reader, but not for the search criteria.
  15. It was found that platforms for online sales, marketplaces, compete with search engines. About half of the respondents use exactly this method of searching for the necessary goods.
  16. Analysis of the SEO strategy showed the importance of traffic volume in positioning. A small percentage is promotion for paid leads.
  17. Frequent audits of the search engine optimization of the site affect the growth of traffic and the effectiveness of the platform. More than half of respondents entrust this process to agencies.
  18. It must be said that knowledge in the SEO industry is becoming more and more necessary. Almost half of the respondents note that knowledge in this field and understanding of trends in the development of trends create the basis for successful e-commerce.

So, the conclusion: invest in SEO specialists. You can read the original version of the report here. Was the publication informative? Then share it on social networks. We remind you that you can buy a reliable VPS server and register the domain at the CityHost hosting company.

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