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blog 547 Green communication with performers — how not to become a customer that everyone hates

Being a customer is a skill that needs to be learned. Read an analysis of mistakes in working with performers and a selection of materials.

blog 517 Sniffer, Scammer, Fraud, and Other «Tech Slang» – Brief Glossary for Beginner IT Specialists

Unlock IT jargon! Learn IP, uptime, reboot, cool hacker, and more. A quick guide for beginner IT pros. Speak the language of tech seamlessly.

blog 510 Non-obvious Features in Google Docs: A User's Guide

Google Docs offers a multitude of tools, yet many users are unaware of most of these options. Let's explore some interesting functions.

blog 499 How to master delegation and stop doing everything yourself

How not to drown in urgent matters, organize working hours and overcome the desire to do everything yourself. The answer is to delegate.

blog 545 Which IT professions to study in 2024 — how not to be left without work in the most popular industry

Over the past three years, the IT job market has changed significantly. Who should you study in 2024 and how to become a sought-after specialist?

blog 516 Ukrainian Freelance Exchanges — A Review of Services, Advantages, and Disadvantages of Working on a Freelance Exchange

While there aren't many Ukrainian freelance exchanges, they do exist. In this article, we'll explore them and discuss working specifics.

blog 504 Who is a system administrator and how to become one

A system administrator is a specialist without whom it is difficult to imagine IT. We talk about the intricacies of the profession, how much a sysadmin earns and how to become one.

blog 493 TOP-11 interesting Ukrainian sites and blogs about the IT industry

If you study or work in the IT field, blogs and sites dedicated to technology will be the best source of professional information.

blog 521 Cyberbullying in Comments — How to Respond to Unjust Negative Reviews on Google Maps and Facebook

Dealing with an undeserved one-star rating on review sites can be painful. Discover effective strategies for responding to negative reviews.

blog 514 Top 10 Ukrainian IT Podcasts for Beginners and Professionals in the Digital Industry

A selection of interesting IT podcasts to help you learn, develop, and master a new profession. Listen and come to interviews more confidently.

blog 500 Free IT courses for the Ukrainian military

We are considering free IT courses for Ukrainian veterans that are active in 2023: programming, SEO, design, English for the military.

blog 487 Useful Play Market applications for work and self-development

We have compiled a list of applications that will help you plan tasks, learn languages, work directly from your mobile phone and have fun.

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