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blog 542 Artificial Intelligence — Friend, Lover, Psychologist

Artificial intelligence is becoming not only a working tool but also a partner or friend. What are the advantages and dangers of companion apps?

blog 527 How to Create UTM Tags and Why They Are Needed

How to determine which of your advertising campaigns performed better when launched simultaneously? With UTM tags.

blog 516 Ukrainian Freelance Exchanges — A Review of Services, Advantages, and Disadvantages of Working on a Freelance Exchange

While there aren't many Ukrainian freelance exchanges, they do exist. In this article, we'll explore them and discuss working specifics.

blog 496 ChatGPT-4 is available on Bing - How to use artificial intelligence for business for free

How to use ChatGPT-4 free for business? With the help of the Bing search engine, because it works on the basis of this neural network.

blog 532 How to Determine the Traffic of Someone Else's Website

Read how to find out the traffic of someone else’s website. As well as an overview of the best online services for traffic analysis.

blog 524 Why are there no calls from the website, and what needs to be checked first

Are customers not calling? Perhaps they can’t find a phone number on the website or managers are missing calls. Let's find out the main reasons.

blog 511 Multilinks: Understanding Them and How to Create Them Using Services

Curious about consolidating your social and website links? Multilinks create neat landing pages for all your important links!

blog 495 How to add a business to Google Maps in 2023

Google Maps once again opens access to the marking of objects in Ukraine. If you haven't added your business to the map yet, now is the time to do so.

blog 529 Faster, Better, More Efficient: Sales Automation in eCommerce

To ensure the efficient operation of an online store, it is essential to automate all processes, including payment, logistics and communication.

blog 518 IVR Systems and Their Role in Customer Interaction

Learn about the tasks solved by the IVR Voice Menu and how to configure it without causing irritation to customers in this article.

blog 510 Non-obvious Features in Google Docs: A User's Guide

Google Docs offers a multitude of tools, yet many users are unaware of most of these options. Let's explore some interesting functions.

blog 493 TOP-11 interesting Ukrainian sites and blogs about the IT industry

If you study or work in the IT field, blogs and sites dedicated to technology will be the best source of professional information.