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blog 528 Copyright on the Internet: How to protect your content and how not to become a delinquent

Learn important information about copyright that will allow you to safely use others' content and securely protect your materials.

blog 424 We are abandoning the Russian direction: how to reorient business to the West

After the beginning of the invasion, the exit of Ukrainian businesses from the Russian market began. What are the necessary steps to reorient to the west?

blog 405 How to register an FOP for IT freelancers and which group to choose

The status of an entrepreneur can give a freelancer many advantages. Why register a FOP, how to choose a group and KVEDs?

blog 392 What is domaining and cybersquatting

Domaining and cybersquatting — how to make money on domains online and how to fight cybersquatters for business owners.

blog 509 The Triumph and Threats Of Artificial Intelligence — How Neural Networks Affect Our Lives and How It Is Regulated By Law

This article about accomplishments and blunders of artificial intelligence, along with the legal frameworks governing AI in various nations.

blog 415 XXX-files: what can and what is prohibited to host?

Is it possible to host any content, are there any restrictions on the subject of the sites? Find out what materials are prohibited for publication.

blog 399 UA-DRP - how to defend your right to a domain

What to do if cybersquatters have taken over your brand name domain? The UA-DRP procedure can be an alternative to the classic court.

blog 425 Save Ukrainian business: programs to support entrepreneurs in wartime

In times of war, work is difficult and sometimes impossible. The state is doing everything to support Ukrainian business and survive on the economic front.

blog 409 PRO: what is it and who needs it, an overview of software PRO services

From January 1, 2022, the entrepreneurs of the country are obliged to register the PRO for further legal work. What is software PRO and which service to choose?

blog 397 Website creation contract - how to protect yourself during development

The contract protects both parties from illegal actions and helps to properly build the cooperation process. How to draw up a contract correctly?