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blog 156 Google has decided to strengthen the fight against spam in the Chrome Web Store
 IT news  

In the Chrome Web Store extensions, the developers announced a change in the rules.

blog 153 How the value of external links changes
 IT news  

Do external links change their value over time?

blog 150 What is a FAQ and why is it needed?

FAQ page – a key section of any site.

blog 147 How to configure HTTPS for 1C-Bitrix

Setting up https for 1C-Bitrix is easy. Standard templates usually use relative links

blog 154 Google search engine deindexing the page?
 IT news  

Sites that are unavailable within a few days will be subject to URL de-indexing by the Google search engine.

blog 151 How Google SERP layouts affect users?
 IT news  

Specialists from the Coast Digital agency decided to analyze how the design of the Google search page affects user behavior.

blog 149 How to design your channel on YouTube

Registering a YouTube channel is easy. But he will simply become one of many and get lost.

blog 144 How to configure HTTPS on an OpenCart site

Before setting up https for OpenCart, you need to buy a suitable one in advance

blog 155 What to do if there are a lot of soft 404 errors in Search Console
 IT news  

What to do correctly in case of a large number of soft 404 errors.

blog 152 How do external links affect the promotion of the site today?
 IT news  

The search engine's John Muller said at the last Webmaster Video Meeting

blog 148 What is social media engagement rate?

Social networks have long been part of our lives. Now the morning starts not with coffee, but with opening your own Facebook page

blog 145 How to configure HTTPS on a Drupal site

Before setting up https for Drupal, you need to perform some preparatory steps: install an SSL certificate